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8 Best Sites To Earn Free Litecoin (100% Legit and Tested)

Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency gaining significant traction in recent years. While some buy Litecoin as an investment, another group is more interested in getting these digital coins for free.

Fortunately, several methods exist to earn free Litecoin without spending a single dime. These ways ranged from paid surveys, completing online jobs, mining and many others. Although the rewards may be insignificant, it can be a great way to start with cryptocurrency and learn about this digital coin world.

This article will share some ways to earn free Litecoin and the top legit paid survey and GPT sites with this reward option.

What Are Some Methods To Get Free Litecoin?

There are several ways to earn free Litecoin, including:

Paid Survey and GPT sites: You can earn free LiteCoin by working on surveys and online tasks in your free time. The pro of using such platforms is that no prior experience is required. If you are ready to earn free LiteCoin using paid surveys and GPT sites, you can skip to the list of legit sites that offer this option

Mining: you can mine Litecoin using specialized computer hardware. However, the con is that this method requires a significant investment in hardware and electricity and may only be profitable for some people.

Crypto Faucets: Certain websites pay you free Litecoin if you complete simple tasks or view ads. Even though the payouts are insignificant by a fraction of a cent, it can add up over time. Plus, it is entirely free, and all it needs is your few second

Referral programs: Most GPT sites offer referral programs that allow you to earn free Litecoin by referring others to their platform.

1. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire payment

Idle Empire has been operating since 2015 and has been a reliable platform. Members can earn crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, PayPal cash, gift cards and more by taking part in online jobs.

The company has also partnered with different survey and offers providers to provide you more earning opportunities. If you are new to making money online by doing surveys, joining Idle-Empire is a good start. It allows you to cash out crypto currencies with an extraordinarily low payout of $0.20 USD via Coinbase.

Read more in our Idle-Empire honest review.

Minimum Payout for Litecoin: $0.20 USD

2. FreeWard

freeward free litecoin

Freeward makes it easy for people looking for legitimate ways to make money online to find paid surveys and other ways to make money on the internet without having to worry about getting scammed or losing their hard-earned money.

You can make money by completing simple online tasks such as surveys, watching videos, offers, and many others. In addition, this GPT site pays users a wide range of reward options from popular merchants, such as VISA Giftcard, PayPal cash, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.

Check out our  Freeward detailed review to see if it is worthwhile to join.

Minimum Payout for LiteCoin: 1,000 Coins ($1 USD)

3. FreeCash

freecash free bitcoin

FreeCash is an excellent site to join if you are looking to make some extra cash using your spare time. It makes a good choice because it pays relatively well and also pays in Bitcoin.

It rewards their users for completing simple online tasks, and there is no limit to the number of offers you do. Withdrawing the earned credits is easy and fast. You can choose to withdraw as Paypal cash, Crypto currencies, Fortnite V-Bucks, Amazon gift card and more.

Explore our FreeCash unbiased review for more information.

Minimum Payout for Litecoin: $1 USD via Direct Wallet

4. Rewards1

rewards1 free litecoin

Rewards1 is a legit GPT site with positive feedback and payment proof on the web. It pays you for completing paid surveys and various online tasks.

In addition, the platform rewards you with points for completing the jobs, and you can then convert them into PayPal cash or gift cards once you reach the minimun payout threshold. It is open to registration with almost everyone in the world. There’s nothing to lose. Just try it.

Discover more about this platform in Rewards1 review to decide before joining.

Minimum Payout for Litecoin via Coinbase:

– Rank 1 & 2 minimum cashout is 500 points
– Rank 3-4 minimum cashout is 200 points
– Rank 5+ minimum cashout is 50 points (approximately 0.0227 Litecoin)

5. Gain.GG review withdrawal

Gain.GG is legit and has been paying to their members with little complaints. It has been proven a reliable GPT site, with many earning opportunities and wide options of withdrawal methods. They are namely PayPal, gift cards and major Crypto currencies, including Bitcoin.

Check out our Gain.GG comprehensive review to decide before joining.

Minimum Payout for Litecoin: $0.50 USD

6. TimeBucks

timebucks litecoin payment

If you want to join a site with plenty of earning opportunities, TimeBucks might be the right choice. This GPT site pays you for completing surveys, micro-tasks and offers.

The platform is available worldwide, so you can join the site no matter where you live. The best part is that the payout threshold is relatively low at $10.

It has many payment methods, such as AirTm, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Moreover, you can even convert your earnings to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Minimum Payout for LiteCoin: $10 USD

7. Cointiply

cointiply free litecoin

Cointiply is a 100% crypto GPT site that only rewards their members with digital currencies like DOGE and bitcoin. In our research and testing, we have proven that it is a legitimate and paying site that has been operating since 2018. If you are a person who love to build your bitcoin portfolio without investing a single dime, Cointiply is a must join site for you.

Read our in-depth Cointiply Review to understand more about the GPT site before joining.

Minimum Payout for LiteCoin: 30,000 Coins ($3 USD) 

8. Coinpayu

Coinpayu payout

Coinpayu is a legit Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that will pay you for clicking and viewing ads within a specified timing ranging from 10 – 30 seconds. After viewing websites on CoinPayU, you earn Satoshis and eventually cash out to your Bitcoin wallet once you reach the payout threshold.

Read our detailed Coinpayu Review to understand more about this PTC site before joining.

Minimum Payout for LiteCoin: 2000 satoshi 

In conclusion, it is possible to earn free LiteCoin by completing surveys and online jobs with zero risk. Of course, it cannot make you a millionaire, but it helps build your cryptocurrency portfolio.

And remember, there is no free lunch, so be cautious if you encounter sites that promise overnight riches if you invest with them. Always remember that you should be get paid to do work rather than the other way around.


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