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Gain.gg Review – Can You Really Earn Real Money From This GPT Site?

In this Gain.gg review, I will share with you if Gain.GG is a scam site or a legit opportunity to earn money online?

What is Gain.gg ?

Gain.gg is a GPT (get-paid-to) website, similiar to our best GPT site, PrizeRebel that rewards users for doing online tasks, for example watching videos, doing paid surveys, downloading apps and many more.

This platform was launched in 2018, and it has been gaining more popularity because it is paying out at a very low threshold. It is not possible to change your life by doing tasks in GPT, but it can earn you some extra bucks to spend. Since it is totally free, why not get started and join now to earn from Gain.gg?

How can you earn from Gain.gg?

To get started, you will need to have a laptop or desktop with an internet connection with a Google or Steam account. Simply create one if you don't have. You must also have a Paypal or Bitcoin account to withdraw money.

These are the many ways to make money online from Gain.gg and they are described below:

1. Sign up Bonus

You can get 100 coins as a sign-up bonus when you first join Gain.GG through a referral link. You can only earn this bonus by joining an affiliate link.  

2. Online Surveys

Paid Survey is another method to make money in Gain.gg but before you can unlock Surveys, you are required to reach 3000 points first.

3. Daily check in bonus

You can claim 10 – 100 points for the day you login, depending on your current level.

4. Offerwall

You can choose to complete a variety of tasks through the offer wall and earn some money.  In additional, you can complete available surveys and also download app to earn some extra cash.

5. Referral Program

Similiar to majority of the GPT sites, Gain.gg also offer a referral program. You can get 5% of all your referrals income except for videos offer. 

Who can join?

This new GPT site is opened to registration worldwide, but this might change over time, but don't fret, you can always refer to the list of legit and paying survey sites in this consolidated list by on the countries you reside in.

How and When does I get paid?

The best part about Gain.gg is that you can withdraw a minimum of 50 coins for just $0.50 in exchange for many cryptocurrencies listed below with their minimum payout threshold: 

Bitcoin: 25,000 coins ($25.00)

Ethereum: 10,000 coins ($10.00)

Litecoin: 500 coins ($0.50)

Bitcoin Cash: 500 coins ($0.50)

Dogecoin: 1,500 coins ($1.50)

Update: Gain.gg used to offer PayPal as a payment option but has removed it at the point of writing

If you are also interested in other GPT sites that also has a low minimum payout threshold of $1, you can consider joining Offernation and Surveytime.io.

We have cashing out in Litecoin and we got paid straight into our Coinbase. It is definitely not a scam and is proven that it is REALLY legit and paying. Check out our payment proof below.

gaingg review payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is completely free to download and join.

2. You can instantly earn 100 coins (approximately $0.10 USD) as a signup bonus using our affiliate link

3. Low minimum withdrawal of only 500 points = $0.50 via cryptocurrencies.

4. Fast payment to cashout request.

5. It is open to registration in all countries.

6. There is live chat available for members to interact with each others.


1. Low payment

2. The referral program pays only 5% commission. In my view, this is not considered as generous because most GPT sites pay referral earning to at least 10%.

Here are some examples of other GPT referral commission rates:

a. Prizerebel – starts at 20% and rise to 30% for Diamond members.

b. Offernation – 25% 

As usual, we have explored and verified Gain.gg personally ourselves and managed to get paid via paypal. Gain.gg is definitely a legit and paying GPT site for those who want to earn extra bucks by doing tasks online.

Hope this Gain.gg review will give you a clearer understanding on this GPT site.

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