Free Xbox Gift Cards

3 Ways To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards in 2024 (Legit and Free)

There are many ways to obtain free Xbox gift cards, but it can be challenging to find the best way. Many scams and not-so-legit methods sometimes require you to give up personal information to obtain a code. The worst part is that these codes expire, and you don't get the promised money or prizes.

Finding free Xbox gift cards is a pain, but fortunately, we have just the suitable sites for you, and they're completely free!

We've been there before and know the headache of scrolling through thousands of pages to find that perfect site for a free Xbox gift card. That's why we've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of GPT sites offering free Xbox gift cards as a reward.

1. FreeCash

Free Xbox Gift Cards Freecash

FreeCash is a legit GPT site to join if you want to make extra bucks with your free time. It is an excellent choice because it has a wide range of reward selections. That includes the option of the free Xbox gift card.

It pays its users for completing simple online tasks, and there is no limit to the number of offers you can achieve. Withdrawing the earned credits is easy and fast.

Explore our FreeCash detailed review for more information.

Minimum Payout for Xbox Giftcard: $5 USD

2. Freeward

Free Xbox Gift Cards - Freeward
Freeward is a legitimate GPT site that offers multiple ways. Users can get points for completing offers and surveys, watching videos and playing games. In addition, you can redeem the points for cash or gift cards such as Xbox gift cards. Therefore, Freeward is an excellent choice for the freelancer looking for additional income or the stay-at-home mom who needs to earn some pocket money. Check out our Freeward detailed review to see if it is worthwhile to join. Minimum Payout for Xbox Giftcard: 5,000 coins ($5 USD)

3. Idle-Empire

Free Xbox Gift Cards Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is a legitimate GPT site that has many ways you can make money online. For example, you can complete surveys, watch videos, or complete paid offers for points. Upon reaching the minimum payout threshold, you can exchange these points for cash, Paypal payments, or Xbox gift cards.

Take a peek at our Idle-Empire review to learn more about the site before joining.

Minimum Payout for Xbox Giftcard: 52,500 points ($5.00 USD)

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Cards?

First, you must visit and log into the Xbox website to load the Xbox gift card by entering the 25-character code to redeem. Alternatively, you can also redeem the Xbox gift card via your Xbox One gaming console. Go to “Home”, choose “Store”, and “Use a Code” to complete the redemption.


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