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LifePoints Review: Does Making Money From Taking Survey Really Work?

If you are in search of methods to make money online from the comfort of your home, you will probably have heard about getting paid to complete surveys. First, I will answer you that paid survey can really earn you some extra bucks, but not replace your full-time job. Do not treat it as a get-rich scheme because it is not. 

The hardest problem now is how you can differentiate the Legit and paying ones from the scam since there are tons of them popping out. On our website, we had covered paid survey reviews based on our own research and testing with payment proof. Today, in this LifePoints review, you will learn everything about this site to help you decide if it is for you. 

What is LifePoints?

Unlike GPT sites, LifePoints is an online survey panel only offer survey as an earning opportunity for its members. LifePoints belongs to Lightspeed Research Limited that has been in the market research business since 1946.

If you have been taking paid survey for a long time, you might already know LifePoints is a merger between 2 popular survey sites, namely MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket from February 2019.

How can you earn from LifePoints?

1. Do Online Survey

The primary earning opportunity in LifePoints is to complete surveys. You will be credited with points (also known as LifePoints) after completion. After you have registered as their members, you will receive an email invitation whenever there is an available survey that matches your profile. Before participating in the survey, the points are displayed clearly so you can decide if it worth your time and effort.

2. Other Activities

Besides surveys, it also offers other tasks like participating in mini-polls (which does not earn much but just take up 1 second of yours), product testing, and other data collection activities 

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Who can join?

LifePoints is open to eligible registration in over 70 countries across the major continent (US, Europe, and Asia) as long as you are above 14 years old. It is free to join and as a return, you will get 10 LifePoints credited as a sign-up bonus.

The registration process is straightforward and just requires you a few minutes to complete it. Simply enter your name and email to receive a confirmation email. Inside this email, you will be required to submit your personal information for profiling purposes. LifePoints will then use this information to match your interest with the relevant survey topics. This will largely improve the disqualification rate that some survey sites are facing.

How and When does I get paid?

After you have earned enough points by completing surveys, you can then redeem them for your rewards. There are a variety of rewards that are available on this site with a different minimum cash-out threshold.

They include PayPal cash, gift cards from big local retailers (for example, Lazada, Grab, supermarket) in your country, Amazon, and many others. The minimum payout threshold for PayPal is 600 points that are equivalent to $5. Besides that, you can also choose to donate your earnings to major charities.

Based on their website FAQ page, these life points expire after 3 years, meaning that you are required to spend them before it is forfeited after the stipulated 3 years of validity. It will be a good practice to redeem your rewards immediately once you reached the threshold to avoid putting your effort to waste.

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Verdict and Payment Proof


1. Easy to navigate user interface

2. Free to join 

3. Pretty Low payout threshold of just $5

4. The option of PayPal payment is available


1. There is no referral program, and the only way to earn is by doing the survey. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income, unfortunately, LifePoints does not provide that.

2. No mobile app but it is mobile friendly 


In final thoughts on this LifePoints review, is this survey site really worth your time? It is definitely a legitimate site that has been paying to their members with not much complaint. For worthiness, it depends on individual preference and judgment. In LifePoints, you can earn money without a single monetary investment and it just requires your effort, so you cannot expect it to be a gold mine. If any other sites that promise you to earn tons of money overnight or with no effort, it is best to stay away.

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