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HappyDot.sg Review – A Legit Paid Survey but Not For Everyone

Before you continue to read this HappyDot.sg Review, you might like to be informed that this paid survey is exclusively opened to registration only for residents in Singapore.  But no fret if you are from other countries because we got you covered based on the specified country you are from.

Refer to our comprehensive list of legit paid survey and GPT sites according to your country.

What is HappyDot.sg?

HappyDot.sg is an online paid survey website exclusively for Singapore residents. They provide a platform for members to voice their opinions on real issues that impact life in Singapore.

Their survey topics varies from hot-button issues and social trends to national concerns about housing, healthcare, employment and their aspirations for Singapore’s future.

HappyDot.sg is a REAL local  Singaporecompany registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), so it is a plus point for their legitimancy. 

How can you earn from HappyDot.sg?

Once you have signed up, survey invitations will be sent to your registered email whenever they are available. You can either complete the survey to earn points by following the link included in the invitation, or by logging into their HappyDot.sg account.

For every survey completed, you will earn HappyPoints which can be accumulated to redeem various rewards and giveaways.

happydot.sg surveys

You can also earn points to refer your friend by sending them the invitation email.

How many points do I get from referring my friends/family?

As a member of HappyDot.sg, you will earn 50 points for every friend between the ages of 15 to 54, and 150 points for every friend aged 55 and above. 

When will I get my referral points?

After your friends have signed up and completed their registration by receiving their welcome gift, your referral points will be credited into your account about a week after.

Who can join?

As mentioned at the start of the review, HappyDot.sg is a paid survey site that is exclusively for residents in Singapore. 

How and When does I get paid?

Once you have completed the surveys that has been send to you via email, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of points that can be used to redeem dining or shopping vouchers. They are as followed:

1. The Choice – Cold Storage, Giant and Guardian

2. Swensen

3. Isetan

4. Golden Village

5. Popular Bookstore

6. Takashimaya

7. McDonald

Beside that, you can also choose donate to the Singapore Children's Society.

The minimum threshold to redeem your voucher is 500 points, while only 250 points to make a donation.

If you prefer to get paypal cash, instead of vouchers, you can see this article – 10 Proven Paid Surveys That Paid Through Paypal

happydot.sg rewards

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. Legit company

2. The survey screenout rate is ZERO, meaning that you can do all of the survey that are emailed to you if you completed it on time.

3. Voucher is available for popular local stores in Singapore.


1. Only available for Singaporean

2. Low earning potential

3. No Paypal cash payout

If you don't mind to spend just a few minutes of your spare time to earn shopping/dining voucher, this is defnitely the site for you. Since we are also located in Singapore, we have personally tested the site and it is proven paying.

Hope this HappyDot.sg review will give you an insight on this exclusive paid survey site.

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