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Offernation Review 2023 – Legit or Scam?(With Payment Proof)

Looking for an easy way to make extra money? OfferNation could be the answer. With various tasks available, such as surveys and product reviews, there is something for everyone that can help you earn some cash from home. In addition, it's easy to get started, and with no fees or commitments, it's risk-free.

But is it legit, or is it just another scam? In this article, we'll look at OfferNation and see if it's a great way to earn or a waste of time.

What is OfferNation?

Firstly, let’s dive into the background of Offernation. It is owned by 99 Ventures from UK that is operating 2 other GPT (Get paid to) sites, namely and RewardingWays. We have also tested these 2 sites and they are proven to be legit and paying to their members. It has been operating since 2013 and has a whopping number of members of 132242 at the point of writing. This factor has added one more point to the legitimacy of the site.

Offernation is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that rewards you for doing simple online jobs like completing surveys and offers.

How To Earn From OfferNation?

There are numerous ways to earn from this GPT and here is the list.

1. Doing Paid Survey

Completing a survey is one of the primary earning opportunities in OfferNation. They have a wide range of survey partners: Your Surveys, Revenue Surveys, CPX Research, Theorem Surveys, Opinion Capital, and many more.

Besides that, you can also access the Daily Surveys section to participate in the number of available surveys from different advertisers. You can easily see the rewards on the right side for completing the survey and decide if it is worth your time and effort. You may face a few qualifying questions to ensure you are the right fit for the survey.

2. Completing Offer

Offerwalls is another section to search for offers that pay you for tasks like signing up for free trials, playing games and many other options. Again, take your time to read the requirement criteria so that you can correctly perform and task to earn the reward.

offernation offerwalls

3. Generous Referral Scheme

Offernation has a generous referral program where you can earn 25% of your earning. So, for example, if they complete an offer worth USD 8, they will get USD 2 passively without affecting their earnings.

However, it might sound too good to be true, but the fact is that your referral needs to be active for you to earn. Getting a referral to join the platform might be easy initially, but it might be challenging for the referrals to stay.

Therefore, if you love to share earning opportunities, Offernation is a site you must take advantage of and earn a side income.

4. Redeem Promo Codes

Who doesn't love free money? You can check out Offernation's social media profiles for any promo code posting and redeem it immediately because it might be available for a while before fully redeemed. Each code gets you 20 cents, so you must decide if it is worthwhile.

5. Welcome Bonus / Sign Up Bonus

Once you first sign up for OfferNation, you will make a 25-cent signup bonus, and yes, you are 1 step forward to your first payout ($0.75 more).

How Do I Get Paid From OfferNation?

Offernation provides a good mix of payment methods with different minimum payout thresholds.

  • PayPal Min Payout – USD$1.00
  • Skrill Min Payout – USD$5.00
offernation payment modes

Who Can Join OfferNation?

OfferNation is open to all members worldwide, but the availability of surveys and offers still boiled down to your country. So, don't be alarmed or dismayed if you encounter a high disqualification rate because it is prevalent in GPT sites.

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. Minimum payout threshold of $1 USD is quite uncommon in the industry. Surveytime is also one of the other GPT sites that has this low threshold

2. Instant payout via PayPal: Money will be transferred to your PayPal account within a few minutes or even with a blink of your eye

3. Various payment method to choose

4. Open for member registration from almost the whole world

5. Get $0.25 as a signup bonus

6. Generous with High referral earning of 25%


1. Processing fee for the payout (2% for PayPal) is something that we don’t like but having said that, most of the GPT sites are also having this problem

3. Low-income potential but good for some pocket money


In conclusion to this Offernation review, is this platform scam or legit? From what we have investigated and verified personally, Offernation and their other two sister sites are legitimate. They have been paying their members without many complaints, and most importantly, it has been operating for nearly a decade, making it even more trustworthy.

Number of times we are being PAID

Amount Paid Out (USD$)

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