surveys that pay directly to bank account

4 Surveys That Pay Directly To Bank Account (2024 Verified)

Looking to make money online but need help figuring out how to get started? Many platforms allow you to earn free cash. For example, completing surveys, doing micro tasks, playing games, or making money by walking. However, participating in paid survey sites is still the top choice because it is straightforward.

These platforms usually pay you via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and cryptocurrency, but it is challenging to find surveys that pay directly to bank account. However, over years of researching and testing paid surveys and get-to-paid (GPT) sites, we only managed to find a handful that offers this option.

This guide will reveal the legit paid survey and GPT sites that pay through direct bank transfer. The best part is that these sites are legitimate and free to join.

1. Branded Surveys

branded surveys logo

Availability: US, UK, and Canada

Minimum Payout threshold for bank transfer: $10

Other reward options: PayPal, prepaid Master Card, gift cards

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Branded Surveys is a legit survey site that is straightforward to earn rewards. You can make money by completing surveys or answering daily polls.

The platform offers typical payment methods such as PayPal, gift cards and gift cards, but you need to reach $10 to cash out. Besides these payment methods, the platform allows you to cash out via direct bank transfer.

However, Branded Surveys only accept members from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, so it is disappointing for those living elsewhere.

2. YouGov

payeer timebucks

Availability: Almost Worldwide

Minimum Payout threshold for bank transfer: $50

Other reward options: PayPal

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YouGov is another fantastic paid survey site you can consider joining. This platform has specific survey opportunities for each country with its particular language. It has been operating for decades and is undoubtedly a legit site to join.

You can get paid by completing surveys or inviting friends to join the site. Like any other paid survey site, it also offers PayPal, Visa and gift cards as payment methods. But the payout threshold and option are based on the country you live.

3. SuperPayMe

superpayme new logo

Availability: Worldwide

Minimum Payout threshold for bank transfer (via Wise): $20

Other reward options: PayPal, Skrill

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SuperPayMe is a legit GPT site that pays its members for completing surveys and offers. This platform uses Wise to transfer money directly into your bank account. If you choose to be paid by this method, you will be redirected to Wise's website to provide your bank account information to complete the transaction.

After keying in your institution and bank account number, Wise will process the cash transfer and send the payment within 8 hours upon request. However, it has a fee of 2.5%, so in this case, it might be advisable to withdraw via PayPal instead.

4. TimeBucks

timebucks logo
Availability: Worldwide

Minimum Payout threshold for bank transfer (via TransferWise): $10

Other reward options: PayPal, Skrill, Visa, Bitcoin, Litecoin and many others

Check out TimeBucks review

If you want to join a site with plenty of earning opportunities, TimeBucks might be the right choice. This GPT site pays you for completing surveys, micro-tasks and offers. The platform is available worldwide, so you can join the site no matter where you live. The best part is that the payout threshold is relatively low at $10.

It has many payment methods, such as AirTm, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Moreover, you can even convert your earnings to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. In addition, it also provides a direct bank transfer method using the Wise platform.

All you must do is set up your Wise email address into the payment method in TimeBucks. Once you have set up this step, it is effortless to cash out upon reaching the payout threshold.

In conclusion, choosing the surveys that pay directly to a bank account will be best to compare redemption options. For example, it might cost you 2,000 points to redeem a $20 gift card, but you need to use 2,100 points for a $20 bank transfer. In this situation, it might be more viable to use other redemption options instead.


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