Coinpayu review

Coinpayu Review – A Legit PTC Site That Pay In Cryptocurrency

Many people are always searching for extra earning opportunities they can do in their spare time. If you want to know whether paid survey and GPT sites are legit and paying, yes, you can earn some bucks from them. But always set your expectations right, because it does not make you an overnight millionaire.

During your search, you might also come across another type of opportunity known as the Paid to Click (PTC). It means that you get paid by just watching advertisements, but the earning is just a fraction of a cent. In today's review on Coinpayu, it is a combination of PTC and GPT.

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, it pays out, but as cryptocurrency and no other choices. So if you are looking for sites that paid out via PayPal, Coinpayu might not be a suitable fit for you.

You can check out the list of GPT/Paid survey sites that have the option of PayPal as the payout method.

We will cover all the pros and cons in this CoinPayu review and help you find out how it works.

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is a Paid To Click(PTC) site and has been operating since 2019. The primary earning opportunity is clicking advertisement and they will reward you accordingly. It also consists some elements of GPT sites that pay you for doing surveys and offers.

As mentioned previously, Coinpayu only pays in crypto currency, so you will need a crypto digital wallet like Coinbase to receive your  earnings.

How can you earn from CoinPayu?

1. View Advertisements

Viewing advertisement is one of the key features on PTC sites. It is a simple way to earn some quick cents (maybe fraction of a cent). In Coinpayu, it rewards you 1 – 10 Satoshi (1 Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin) by paying you for spending 10-30 seconds. This might be a viable option if you don’t mind earning a little by watching ads. You can click around 20-30 ads daily.

In Coinpayu, there are 3 types of ads–Surf ads, Video ads, and window ads. There is no much major difference between the 3 types. You can view the rewards and the required time in the ads before clicking on them.

In a nutshell, you click the ads, wait for 10 seconds before closing, and the Satoshi will be credited into your account.

Coinpayu earning

2. Completing Survey and Offers

Since clicking on ads has low earning potential, it might also be advisable to do surveys and offers too. They give you a better earning rate so that you can reach the minimum payout threshold faster. It has a wide range of 3rd party providers to choose from but it is recommended to complete surveys from Yuno and CPX research. 

Coinpayu survey

3. Affiliate System

Similiar most of the GPT sites, Coinpayu also has its own referral program that allow you to earn affiliate commission from your invited users for the tasks done. The commission rate  depends on the membership tier system and can range from 10% to a whopping 50%.

They also have different promotion materials (banners/landing page) for you to use. 

Coinpayu affiliate

Who can join?

Coinpayu is available for anyone from worldwide to join and there is no restrictions on any country. The only criteria is you must have a crypto digital wallet to withdraw your earnings. We have tested and the earning in Litecoin went straight into my LTC wallet address.

How and When does I get paid?

Coinpayu only allow the members to withdraw the earnings as crypto currency. The minimum payout threshold is 2000 Satoshi that equate to around USD $1 which is very low and easy to reach. Luckily, it has the most popular crypto currency for withdrawal. The payment will be transferred to your wallet within 72 hours.

Here are the breakdown:

Bitcoin (BTC) – Minimum withdrawal of 11,000 satoshi

Payeer (USD) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Faucetpay (BTC) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Litecoin (LTC) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Etheruem (ETH) – Minimum withdrawal of 20,000 satoshi

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Dash (DASH) – Minimum withdrawal of 2,000 satoshi

Coinpayu payout

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is available to anyone around the globe for registration without any country restriction.

2. Very low minimum payout threshold of 2,000 Satoshi (around $1 USD)

3. A good range of earning opportunities

4. It is mobile friendly

5. Secure with 2FA authentication


1. Low earning potential that might not worth your time and effort.

2. Only payout in Crypto currency and no other options, so this site is not suitable for those who are skeptical on Crypto

3. The owner of the site cannot be identified


In my opinion, Coinpayu is definitely not a scam and is paying to their members on time as promised. It is 100% legit PTC site and I got paid too myself. If you want to earn from this site, don't just click advertisements, you must also complete the surveys and offer.

For those who like crypto currency, you will definitely love this site because it can help to build your portfolio in another way. You might also be interested to know other sites that offer crypto as the payout methods.


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