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Idle-Empire Review – How To Earn Crypto Easily From This GPT

If you are just like me searching for ways to earn free crypto currency, you might have stumbled upon Idle-Empire. As usual, I sprung into action, register and test out this GPT site. The first thing that catches my attention is the super low minimum withdrawal threshold of only $0.10!

It is easy to achieve because you can earn 6000 to 8000 points per 5-8 minutes survey. I have completed one and tried to withdraw the money into my crypto wallet – Coinbase. Tada! The funds have been transferred to my Coinbase account after a few hours.

Idle-Empire coinbase

Is Idle-Empire legit? Yes, we can say that it is a paying site you can spend your spare time.

If you are excited to sign up now, remember to join using my link and get 500 coins ($0.50) as a starting bonus.

Let’s get started and explore more insights in this Idle-Empire review.

What is Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire is a GPT platform that enables users to earn PayPal cash, gift cards and crypto currencies for free. Similar to other sites, there are many ways to make money – surveys, offer, watching videos and others.

It has been operating since 2015 and that was over 5 years in this industry. It is a good sign to show that it is legit and paying out to the members with little or no complaint.

As stated in their website, they have 500,000 users from all around the world.

How can you earn from Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire earning

As you can see above, Idle-Empire has many types of earning opportunities to make some extra bucks with your spare time.

1. Completing Survey

Completing survey is one method to earn money from this platform. Before you take the survey, you will need to complete a profiling questionnaire so that you only get those surveys that fit you.

At a glance, there are many surveys for you to do immediately. This is what we have done and completed our first cash out. It also shows the time required and points earned for each survey.

Since idle-empire is a survey router, meaning they host third parties survey in their site. This affects their earning potential because they will take a cut from our earning. That is the reason you see the amount earn differ even when you take the same survey.

2. Offerwalls and Offers

Most available paid offers will require you to complete an activity and in return, they reward you for the efforts and time.

It includes answering a survey, downloading and playing mobile games, completing a quiz, site registration and many more.

It is important to read and follow carefully to the set of instructions when you are doing an offer. You will not receive the rewards if you do not meet the criteria.

3. Videos

If you love to watch video, this might be a fun way for you to earn money. Just join HideOut TV, watch video and be rewarded.

4. Referrals

You get an unique affiliate link so that you can earn points when people join through this link. It also equipped you with marketing materials, like web banners, landing page.

You get 50 points (equivalent to $0.05) whenever someone joins using your link. They will also get 500 points too. In addition, you earn 20% on all points that your referrals earn through surveys and offers.

5.  Promotions

There are 2 types of special promotions offered by Idle-Empire. The basic will reward you 100 points for just verifying your email. The daily tasks will change and it include activites mostly in discord and steam.

If you are a Steam user, you can also earn 10 coins for every friend that you invite to their Steam group. Likwise for Discord, you earn 30 coins for referring.


Idle-Empire promotion

Who can join?

Good news for everyone! Idle-Empire is open to registration around the world. So you can register for an account regardless which country you live in.

Idle-Empire offers many options for you to sign up. You can register using your Google, Twitter, Facebook, Steam or just your email address to create your own login details. It is a straightforward process and the minimum age to get an account is at least 13 years old.

How and When does I get paid?

Idle-Empire is the only GPT site i have seen with such an extensive payment methods.

They include:

Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Ox (redeem via Coinbase)

Money: Paypal with a minimum payout threshold of $3, Payeer, Perfect Money and Patsafecards.

Gift Cards: Amazon, eBay, Skype, eGifter Choice, Razor, G2A Gift Card.

Entertainment: Netflix, iTunes, Hulu Plus, Spotify and Game Gift Card

The minimun payout threshold differ and the lowest one is 1000 points ($0.10) for all the crypto currencies withdrawal.

Idle-Empire payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. They offer a huge variety of payment options; it is the first GPT site I have seen with such features. You can get paid in crypto currencies, PayPal, gift card and many others. This site might be suitable for you if your country does not support PayPal.

2. Open to registration for anyone around the world.

3. Easy to navigate and user-friendly website


1. Low earning potential

2. Bonus earning are only paid to the top 3 performers, unlike Univox community that give out bonus on a daily and monthly frequency in their wall of fame.


In a nutshell, if you are looking to build your crypto currencies portfolio, Idle-Empire is definitely the one to go to. Among the sites that offer payout of crypto, Idle-Empire is the one with the most options. Besides that, the biggest advantage is the lowest payout threshold of just $0.10 USD.

Number of times we are being PAID

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