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7 Legit GPT Sites to Get Free Visa Giftcard 2024 (100% Free)

I guess everyone loves free VISA gift cards and also PayPal money. But in today's article, I will only reveal the sites that reward their members via gift cards. If you are keen to get PayPal money for free, you can refer to our article on top sites that give free PayPal money.

Prepaid visa gift cards are safe and legitimate that can be used anywhere in the world. It comes as a digital card, but you can also request a physical card for a fee. You can use this digital Visa gift card to spend on practically any merchants that support visas by keying in the card number. It is like using a regular debit or credit card with a preloaded amount.

But honestly, who will give them to you for free? If any sites claim to provide you with a VISA gift card for free with no effort on your side, that is a red flag for a scam site. The most legit and straightforward way is to join the paid survey and GPT sites with Visa gift cards as rewards. All you need to do is to join the site, complete the tasks as required and redeem the gift card once you reach the payout threshold.

There are many sites out there, but here are the top 6 handpicked websites that reward their members with a free visa gift card.

1. FreeCash

free visa giftcard

FreeCash is a legit site to join if you are looking to make some extra bucks with your free time. It makes an excellent choice because it has a wide range of rewards selection. That include the option of Visa gift card.

It pay their users for completing simple online tasks, and there is no limit to the number of offers you do. Withdrawing the earned credits is easy and fast.

Explore our FreeCash detailed review for more information.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: $5 USD

2. FreeWard

freeward visa payment

Freeward makes it easy for people looking for legitimate ways to make money online to find paid surveys and other ways to make money on the internet without having to worry about getting scammed or losing their hard-earned money.

You can make money by completing simple online tasks such as surveys, watching videos, offers, and many others. In addition, this GPT site pays users a wide range of reward options from popular merchants, such as VISA Giftcard, PayPal cash, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.

Check out our  Freeward detailed review to see if it is worthwhile to join.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: $25 USD

3. GrabPoints

free visa giftcard grabpoint

GrabPoints is a GPT site where you can earn points and exchange them into real money to your PayPal account or gift cards for doing simple tasks online. It is also open for registration and used by anyone in the world, except for some excluded countries.

Take a peek at our  GrabPoints Review to learn more about the site before joining.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: 5150 points ($5.00 USD)

4. ZoomBucks

free visa giftcard zoombucks

ZoomBucks is legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) website to earn free money online and we are being paid by them.

Check out ZoomBucks Review to learn more about the site before registering for an account.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: 5,150 ($5 USD)

5. RewardXP

free visa giftcard rewardxp
Reward XP is a legit Get Paid To site that allows you earn money online by doing online tasks. In include playing games, completing surveys, watch videos and completing offers on offer walls. They pay their members with their in-house currency called XP. 10,000 XP is equivalent to $1 US. You just need to use a Google or Facebook account to sign up and also get a 5,000XP as a starting bonus. Read our unbiased RewardXP Review to understand more about the GPT site before joining. Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: 50,000 XP ($5 USD) 

6. LootUp.Me

lootup visa option is a legit GPT platform where users can earn reward points by completing various jobs such as completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, completing offers and other online tasks. The platform offers multiple opportunities for users to earn points and provides new high-paying offers and opportunities daily.

In addition to earning points through various tasks, its members can collect bonus points by entering free giveaways and contests. For example, you have a daily chance to spin the wheel, try your luck to win free bonus points, earn boosts, or complete tasks through partner offer walls.

Overall, is a fantastic site that rewards users for completing various tasks and offers many ways to earn points and bonuses.

Read our honest Review to understand more about the GPT site before joining.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: $5 USD

7. FeaturePoints

featurepoints visa payout option

FeaturePoints is a mobile app that will pay you for completing surveys, offers, downloading and testing free apps. You will be rewarded with points, which you can redeem for Visa gift card, Paypal money or Bitcoin.

It is available in both iOS and Android devices, you will just required to download, install, register and starting earning. It is completely free and simple to use. However, the Visa giftcard reward is not available to all countries.

Read our comprehensive FeaturePoints Review to learn more about this legit mobile rewarding app before joining.

Minimum Payout for Visa Giftcard: 3,000 points ($5 USD) 

It is good to be sceptical and careful with sites that offer you a free VISA giftcard or money. There are many scams out there that will ask you to pay to earn money. When you stumbled upon such sites, walk away because you should be paid to complete the task and not the opposite way. However, we have tested the sites listed above and got paid from them. Therefore, these are legitimate and safe sites for you to sign up and start earning.


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