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Coinpify Review – Can You Really Get Paid to Walk With This App?

Have you ever wondered if you can get paid to walk? Walking is one of the most common activities that we do every day and keeps us healthy. Besides keeping fit by burning some calories, we can also monetise these steps and earn some money walking.

Regardless if you are an active walker or looking to earn cryptocurrencies online by walking, you must read this Get paid to walk app review on Coinpify. Why not make some extra bucks by doing what you are already doing every day?

What is Coinpify Paid To Walk app?

Coinpify is a mobile app that aims to make every steps valuable. It is launched on 20 August 2020 by Dennis Ko. Apparently we could not find out much about the developer background but only know that he has some other apps listed in Apple App Store too. From the version log, the developer is actively fixing bugs and updating the app.  The app is only available for download in Apple App store.

How can you earn from Coinpify App?

There are few ways to earn the CPoints in Coinpify and there are listed below:

1. Walking and Tracking Steps

Coinpify is a get paid to walk app so the main method to earn is of course by walking and tracking your steps.

It tracks your steps and rewards you with CPoints that you can then redeem them for rewards.

You just need to walk a minimum of 100 steps in order to earn the points. Once you hit this threshold, the green “get reward” button will appear. You just need to click on the button, view or click the advertisement to finish and get paid.

Besides this, you can also also earn more CPoints by reaching 1000 steps every day so that you can redeem the points at every milestone.

100 Steps – 40 Cpoint (Redeem every hour)

200 Steps – 50 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

300 Steps – 50 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

400 Steps – 50 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

500 Steps – 50 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

600 Steps – 50 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

1000 Steps – 20 Cpoint (Redeem once every day and reset the next day)

coinpify review - paid to walk and earn

2. Achievement

There are 3 types of achievements that you can earn CPoints

Daily Visit – 30 CPoint (You just need to check in the app every day to redeem this point)

Levels – When you reached a specified level, you will earn either CPoint. This is a onetime redemption.

Steps – It rewards you either Cpoint or experience points by the number of 100 steps you have clocked in a weekly basis. For example, if you complete 100 steps 5 times, you will get 10 experience point (Exp) and if you complete 100 steps 10 times, you will get 30 CPoints. This achievement is reset every week.


Similar to most of the GPT sites, it comes with a referral program where you can earn by your referral’s activities. You can get 5 CPoint for each friend check in.

Who can join?

It is unclear if the app is open to everyone in the world. The only way is to search for the app in your Apple app store and see if it is available in your region. The app is only available in App Store, so iOS devices is required. You will also need to allow the health app integration so that Coinpify can read your health and fitness data.

How and When does I get paid?

Coinpify rewards users with their own point known as the CPoints. After accumulating the points, you can then exchange it for 4 types of digital coins. They are listed with their minimum payout threshold as below: Bitcoin – 0.00010000 BTC Bitcoin cash – 0.00020000 BCH Ethereum – 0.001000000 ETC Litecoin – 0.00100000 LTC Zcash – 0.00100000 ZEC The amount value depends on the market price at the time of redemption.
coinpify payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you earn some crypto currencies

– Free to download and join

– Easy to use and straightforward app


– Need to see an advertisement everytime you redeem the point. We understand that this is inevitable since this might be the way the developer make money in order to pass some earning to the users

– Only offer crypto currency as the payout option, so it is not suitable for those who do not have a digital wallet or skeptical about these digital currencies.


Yes, Coinpify is a legit app that has paid us crypto currencies after tested for 2 days. By using such app, it can make your daily activity into a crypto making session, while maintaining your fitness.

coinpify payment proof

Remember to use our code psgg5njyy to join this paid to walk app and start earning.


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