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Surveyeah Review – Is It Legit or Scam Site? Get Your Answer Here

Paid Survey sites are one of the most popular and easy ways to earn money online. It does not require any prior experience or specific skill set. All you need is a stable internet connection, email address and a PayPal account. As compared to Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, paid survey usually pay higher for each completed survey. The most popular ones are LifePoints, Opinion World, Surveyeah and many others.

Today, we will cover everything about Surveyeah in this review. You will find out if this site is legit and really paying to their members. Let’s dive in to uncover the truth now.

What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is an online consumer panel that rewards their members for participating in surveys for their time spent. This panel is owned by TRADATECH S.r.l. with sole shareholder, with a registered office in via De Amicis 47, 20123 Milan, Tax Code/VAT no. 08335940964. They are also well reputed for protecting privacy because you can choose not put your name during registration.

It has been active in operation since February 2014. Till date, it has a presence in 123 countries around the globe in 5 continents with over 2 million members. The site offers surveys that cover a wide range of topics like consumer products, lifestyle, cars, and many more.

How do you earn from Surveyeah?

Unlike GPT sites, Surveyeah is a platform that only pays registered users to respond to surveys.

Paid Surveys

You can earn between £0.25 and £4 for each completed survey. The amount of rewards depends on the duration and most surveys take you around 5-20 minutes to complete. It entitles you to a credit ranging from £0.50 to £2.

Once you have registered and complete the profiling questionnaire, survey email will be sent to you once available. You might receive opportunities every week depending on customers’ demands. The average number of survey you could receive is estimated to be between 2 and 4 per month.

surveyeah survey

How do i get paid from Surveyeah?

Surveyeah rewards you with points for completing surveys. Once you meet a specific threshold, you can exchange the points for money. This minimum payout threshold differs from rewards. It depends on the method you choose.

There are 5 types of payout methods that you can exchange points for money. They are namely Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift card, Skrill, Moneygram and Western Union. The payment methods and minimum payout threshold differ from country to country.

surveyeah rewards by countries

Who Can Join?

Surveyeah is a paid survey site that is open to anyone around the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many others. You need to be above 18 in order to join and earn extra pocket money. However, paid surveys are more suitable for people who don’t mind earning a few bucks with their spare time. If you are looking to replace your full-time job with it, you are in the wrong place.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Good reputation for their unique privacy protection and a legit company

– Fast and easy payout options

– Open for registration in almost worldwide


– Limited survey earning opportunities

– Does not offer referral at this point of writing. This might not be considered as a drawback if you are not looking for a passive income.

In conclusion, Surveyeah is a legit site with a good reputation, but it does not have much earning opportunities. It might not justify well for the time and effort you put in. It also has a pretty high payout threshold of $10, so it might take months to reach the payment. However, the plus point is that the site is open for registration worldwide.


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