Cashkarma Review – Can You Really Make Money?

In this article, we are covering a comprehensive review on a mobile app called CashKarma. It is basically an app that rewards you for doing surveys, offers, and watching videos on the move. The concept is similar to another paid survey app called FeaturePoints.

CashKarma has some interesting features such as they have an achievement bonus that enable you to earn badges for extra points.

CashKarma app is currently available for both Android and Apple devices.

What is Cashkarma ?

CashKarma is a free to download mobile app in the App Store or Gooogle Play that you can earn money online using it. It is operated by Darkfield Software LLC, a company registered in California.

How can you earn from Cashkarma?

Karma Points is a virtual currency that has no real world value. You can earn Karma Points in exchange for rewards within the cashKarma app (rewards and their exchange rates are determined by the Company).

These are the various ways to earn from Karma Points and they are mentioned as below:

1. Signing up offers

You can be rewarded by signing up to another website, play games, downloading another App or join a free trial. You will get points for completing the offers.

2. Online Surveys

There are a range of online survey panel for you participate, for example, Theorem Surveys, Tap Research, Adscend, Peanut Labs, Pollfish. You can complete the survey to earn points for doing so, but it even rewards you with points if you disqualify. I personally like using Theorem Surveys because it gives you 25 points for disqualification.

3. Daily check in bonus

You can simply earn 5 points for everyday you login.

4. Refer people to join CashKarma

There is a referral scheme where you can invite other people to CashKarma with your unique code. You can earn 10% of what they earn and they will get 300 points if they use your referral code (Use my code – zhizhong07 to get your bonus 300 startup bonus). So, it’s a win-win situation, why not?

Lastly, you can verify your email for 50 extra points.

Who can join?

This mobile GPT app is opened to registration worldwide, except for traffic that come from Vietnam. Don't be disappointed, you can check out this comprehensive list of paid survey in Vietnam instead.

How and When does I get paid?

Payments can be redeemed via PayPal ($10, $25, $50), Steam gift card, amazon gift card (only available in US), iTunes codes, Google play gift card, and many other merchants gift card.

If you are also interested in other GPT sites that also has a minimum payout threshold of $1, you can consider joining Offernation and

I have personally tested it and the payment is stated to be redeemed within 72 hours. After I personally requested a payment, I personally receive it within 2 days, so it is proven that it is REALLY legit and paying. Check out our payment proof below

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is completely free to download and join.

2. You can instantly earn 300 points (approximately $0.22) as a sign up bonus by keying our referral code – zhizhong07.

3. Wide range of reward options inclusive the most popular PayPal payment processor.

4. There is a wide choice of survey and offer providers.

5. It is open to registration in all countries.


1. High payout threshold of minimum $10 USD

As usual, we have explored and verified Cashkarma ourselves and managed to get paid to our PayPal account. Cashkarma is definitely a legit and paying mobile GPT app for those who want to earn extra bucks when you are on the move.

Hope this review will give you a deeper understanding on this mobile app and allow you to decide if you want to join or not.

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