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adBTC Review – The Highest Paying Bitcoin PTC But Not For Everyone

There are many sites that can definitely allow you to earn cryptocurrencies without putting a single cent of investment. Sound too good to be true?

Crypto faucet is one workable method that gives out free coins but the only catch is that the earning potential is extremely low. You can earn fractions of bitcoins aka Satoshis for completing simple tasks. They are typically completing surveys, answering Captcha and viewing ads. What you need to invest is only your time and effort.

Today, we will share more insights on this crypto PTC site, adBTC in this unbiased review. This site is one of the most popular sites to earn free cryptocurrencies. But how does it work? Is it really legit? Let us dive into details now to get you started.

What is adBTC?

adBTC is a paid to click (PTC) sites that pay users Bitcoin for viewing ads. The website supports 2 languages, Russian and English. It suggested that it is operated by a Russian owner.

We dig further and found that the domain URL is registered in 2016. There is not much information about the site owner. However, this is a common scene for sites that are associated with crypto faucets or online money making websites.

How do you earn from adBTC?

To get started with, you just need to provide a working email address for confirmation , Bitcoin address to receive payment. After signing up, there are a few methods to earn Satoshi and you can earn between 2.5 to 80 satoshi, depending on the site.

Surf Ads / Video Ads

Similar to most PTC, you got paid each time you visit a website. Once you clicked on the link, the ad site open in a new window and the timer start to countdown. The timer ranges from 15 to 60 seconds and you will be paid more for longer time spend. The best part I love in this section is that you do not need to watch the ad actively. Once the timer is up, Satoshi will be credited to your account.

Active Window Surfing

As the name implies, you just need to click the start button and wait for the timer to complete. Satoshi is automatically credited and proceed n to the next site until there are no more ads. However, based on our experience, there is always lack of ads in this method. So don’t pin too much hope on this method.

adbtc review ptc

Referral Program

AdBTC offers a referral program that allows you to invite people to join and you can earn a certain percentage of their activities on the site. For every person who has signed up with your unique referral link, you can earn 10% of their surfing earnings. Besides that, if they purchase any advertisement, you will get 5% from it.

As usual, the earning will be given by adBTC and not your referral, so no worries about that. Remember that you earn nothing if your referral is not active on the site. However, it is a good income if you can invite many friends that want to earn cryptocurrency for free.

How do i get paid from

adBTC rewards you with Satoshi or Russian Ruble, the currency of the Russian Federation, for surfing ads on this site. There are 4 methods to redeem the earnings.

1. FaucetPay

You need a minimum of 1000 satoshis to withdraw to FaucetPay wallet. There is also a maximum of 30000 satoshis to be withdrawn.

2. Bitcoin Direct Wallet

The Minimum withdrawal to Bitcoin address is 50000 satoshis, but it is not recommended to use this method. This is because the Bitcoin network has high sending fees, so it is not worthwhile to pay the fee with your hard-earned Satoshis. Alternatively, use FaucetPay instead to avoid the hefty fee.

3. Payeer

If you plan to withdraw your earnings in Ruble, the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 ₽ (approximately 0.0134 USD). You can only withdraw these earnings into Payeer wallet and there is no way to exchange this currency into Satoshi.

4. Move To Advertising Balance

It simply transfers the Satoshi to your advertising balance so that you can use it for ad payment.

adbtc payment

Who Can Join?

Anyone around the world can join as long as you have a Bitcoin ,micro wallet or Payeer account. You must also be at least 18 years old and above to join, even though it is not stated on the website. This is because you are required to be at least 18 years old to join any Bitcoin exchange. 

This site is suitable for those who are interested in earning tiny amounts of Bitcoin by doing simple jobs. Apart from earning, if you have a website targeting at persons with keen interest with crypto, you can also choose to run a campaign on this site. It is helpful to both the earners and advertisers.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– High paying ads, compared to other PTC sites

– No need to stay in focus, meaning that you can do other things while the ad is running

– You can choose to buy referrals


– Low earning potential

– Limited payment methods 

In conclusion, adBTC is a legit PTC site that reward member with Bitcoin for clicking ads. From our research and investigation, we found that there is a good deal of positive feedback and favorable rating online. It is definitely a site to join if you want to get some Satoshi for free. But the return is pretty low and you need patience to be rewarded.

If you are interested to earn from Bitcoin PTC sites, join CoinPayU and Cointiply too. 


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