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Everything You Must Know About PTC Sites To Set Your Expectation Right Before Joining

There are many methods to earn money online with no investment or skills. My preferred way is of course taking paid survey in my list of top paying legitimate sites. Besides that, you might have heard about PTC sites too. However, if you are serious about joining PTC sites to earn some bucks, it is good to learn how they work before diving in. This article will help to set your expectation right before you spend too much time and get disappointed in the end. 

From my experiences with PTC sites, many websites have closed down or went missing after operating for a few months. There are many scam PTC around so we must practice extra caution when joining one. However, there are also legit ones that have been paying their members for years.

First, let’s understand the concept of Paid to Click sites.

What are PTC Sites?

Paid to click sites are normally referred as PTC sites. It simply means that you get paid by clicking and viewing ads on the sites. You don’t expect to earn much from PTC sites because the rewards will be around $0.001. Yes, you did not see it wrongly; it is just a fraction of a cent. 

How to Earn from PTC sites?

Once you have registered, you will need to access the section called “view ads”. It will show you the advertisements with the earning you can get by spending a certain time viewing the ads.

Once you click on the ads, it will open a new window and the timer count down. Once it reached zero, you will need to answer a captcha question in order to earn the fraction of the cent. I believe this process is implemented to reduce automated bots.

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Are PTC sites legit or scam?

To be honest, there are tons of scam PTC sites out there, wasting people's time and effort, so be careful when joining one. But there are legit one too. One of the top PTC sites is Neobux, the king of PTC that has been operating since 2003. 

You can always check out reviews on a specific PTC site on the internet before joining. However, there are review sites that just want to recruit you into the site by sharing only the good side without telling you the pitfall. Unlike such sites, we join and investigate the sites personally. We will share our experience and payment proof, pros and cons of the paid survey and PTC sites. After reading these reviews, you can then decide if the site suit you.

Red flags to look out for when joining a PTC site

It is always good not to let your guard down when you are dealing with making money online, especially with paid to click sites. Here are some signs to detect scam and shy away from such sites.

Be wary if they require you to pay for upfront membership payment before allowing you to earn. Always remember that it should be free to join and do not pay a single cent. However, some free to join sites offer add on that entice you to pay for better values. We will advise against that since you don’t know when they are going to close.

Too good to be true. If they are promising easy money, like you can earn $1 per click, you can forget it, that is no such sites.

What Are The Pros and Cons?


– It is usually open to registration to anyone around the world with lesser restriction, compared to paid survey sites.

– No prior experience or skill set required. You just need to know how to click your mouse.

– Totally free to join but some sites require you to buy ads or premium membership 


– Super Low earning potential – you just earn a fraction of a cent to click and view an advertisement 

– High rate of scam sites 

– Paypal payment not supported

In conclusion, PTC sites can be legit if you join the right one but it is not suitable for everyone. If you like to earn more using your free time, why not consider doing surveys that definitely pay you more? We have come out with a list of legit paid survey sites based on the country you are based in.


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