Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone Research Review 2024 – Legit or Scam Paid Survey Site?

Paid survey sites like Pinecone Research pay their participants for completing the questionnaire and sharing their honest opinions. These answers help businesses to gather valuable feedback for their future product development.

The members will get their rewards in PayPal cash, e-gift cards and even cryptocurrency for specific sites. All these rewards might seem attractive, but is it worth spending time and effort on Paid survey sites?

We will get you covered with everything you need to know in this honest Pinecone Research review.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research panel, operating since 1998, belongs to a reputable market research company, Nielsen, which has establishments in over 55 countries. Since it is a site backed by one of the biggest and long-standing companies in the market research industry for 50 years, we can confidently conclude that it is a trusted panel.

However, they are stringent and picky in getting people approved. Therefore, the panel is not open to everyone and only to specific countries. After you complete and submit the signup form, you will get an email to complete your profile. After the submission, the approval process will kick off, and the site will notify you if you manage to get into the panel.

How do you earn from Pinecone Research?

You can earn rewards in Pinecone Research with these two main methods: completing paid surveys and product testing.

1. Paid Survey

Like many survey panels out there, you can also earn by answering questionnaires, but the only difference is that Pinecone Research pays higher than most other competitors. For each survey completed, you can make at least $3, while other sites only pay $1 on average for a similar length survey. However, the frequency of the survey invitation is around two to three opportunities monthly.

2. New Products Testing

Besides earning from surveys, Pinecone Research also pays you to test new products and give feedback. The manufacturers will mail you the physical item directly to try, and sometimes, you will get to keep them too unless stated otherwise.

You can earn around $6 for this activity, but this earning opportunity is less frequent than the surveys.

How do i get paid from Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research pays you points for completing the tasks, and you can redeem them for cold hard cash straight into your bank. Alternatively, you can also exchange the points for e-Certificates. You need a minimum of $3 to be qualified for a payout. Given the reward you get for completing a survey is $3, you can payout every time after completing the online job.

Pinecone Research's FAQ page shows that the points earned will expire if there is no earning activity for twelve months.

Who Can Join?

Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey site that only targets specified countries to participate in their panels. If you have no friends to invite you, we got you covered. We currently offer their signup link for people living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France.

Join Pinecone Research by Choose your Country

Besides the country you live in, you must also be age 18 and above to be eligible to join the site.



– Earning at least $3 per survey is considered one of the highest compared to other panels.

– The disqualification rate is low because they only send you qualified surveys based on your profile. However, it also means fewer survey opportunities.

– Pinecone Research is owned by Nielsen, one of the world's top and most reputable market research companies. So this site is 100 per cent legit and has been paying its members over the years


– Due to your geographical location and stringent screening process, the site is challenging to join.

– There is no mobile app, so you can only use laptops or desktop computers to do the survey.

– But if you love to do surveys on the move, you can consider the legit mobile app we have tested.

– Many people have feedback that they only received 1 to 4 surveys per month.

So is Pinecone Research legit? Yes, it is legit and has been paying millions of dollars to its members. The site provides quality surveys with a strict screening process that make it an excellent panel to invest your time and effort. The only drawback we don't like is that the site is only open to specific eligible countries and by invitation only.

Sites Like Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

  • Min. Payout $3
  • Bank Transfer
  • No Signup Bonus 
  • No Referral Program
  • Owned By Nielsen
  • Eligible for US, UK, CA, DE, FR
  • Since 1998

Join Now Review


  • Min. Payout 5,000 Points ($25) 
  • PayPal, Donation
  • No Signup Bonus 
  • No Referral Program
  • Owned By YouGov
  • Eligible for 21 Countries
  • Since 2000

Join Now Review

Valued Opinions

  • Min. Payout $20
  • eGift Cards
  • No Signup Bonus 
  • Affiliate Program Available
  • Owned By Dynata LLC
  • Eligible for Various Countries
  • Since 2004

Join Now Review


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