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e Research Global Review – Is it a Legit Paid Survey Site and Paying?

Joining Paid survey sites is one of the standard methods to make money online. You can join the sites for free, spend some time answering surveys and get paid. It is as simple as it looks, but the question is, “which sites are legit and paying?” Unfortunately, it is a hard truth that not all these sites are legitimate and turn out to be a scam.

On our website, we get your doubt answered as we joined the site, and the site paid us with verified payment proof.

Today, we covered e Research Global review and uncovered if it is a legit site with real earning opportunities to earn extra money online. Or is it a scam that wastes your time and effort or a website worthwhile to join?

What is e-Research -Global?

E-Research is an online paid survey site that pays its survey respondents for answering surveys. It was incorporated in February 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

It claimed that it has a massive database of double opt-in online panel members from over 90 countries and 36 languages.

Once registered as a member, you will receive an email invitation whenever there is an available survey based on your profile. This profiling will help minimise the disqualification rate, and you only do the surveys you qualify.

It is an open secret that paid survey sites have a high disqualification rate, except for a few good ones like YouGov. The email will also state the amount of the reward and the estimated LOI (duration) of the survey. It helps you decide if you want to proceed or not.

How do you earn from e-Research -Global?

Paid Surveys

e Research Global is an online site from which you can only make money by completing surveys. There are no other ways except for doing surveys. If you want to earn money doing online jobs other than paid surveys, you can consider other GPT sites. These sites paid you to play a game, earn crypto by walking and many more exciting ways.

After registration, you can access the surveys on the dashboard or wait for the email invitation. It is important to note that surveys are not always available. It is because surveys are assigned based on your profile and geographical location.

e Research Global survey

Member Referral Program

In this referral program, e Research Global will reward you $0.10 every time your referrals complete a qualifying survey of $1.00 or more.

Affiliate Program

Besides the referral program, they also offer an online survey affiliate program. You will receive $0.25 every time your referral completes a survey. The affiliate payment will be cash-out via PayPal, but it cannot only be redeemed when you reach the minimum threshold of $25.00.

However, there is a requirement that you need to meet. You must have a fully functional website to promote e-Research Global. If you do not have a website, you can only join the referral program as a member.

How do i get paid from e-Research-Global?

The only way to get paid is via PayPal, so make sure that the country you live in supports this payment method before joining. You can check the supported countries on PayPal's official website. If your country is not listed, e-Research-Global can't pay you, so don't waste your time and effort.

What is the minimum payout threshold?

The website has stated that it will send out payment after reaching USD 2. However, we tested and found that the payout was automatically sent to us once we completed a survey, regardless of the amount. So, if you check our payment proof, it is USD 1.27. You do not need to click on any redeem button.

If you are looking for a site that also pays you upon completing a survey, consider trying out SurveyTime.

Who Can Join?

e Research Global is open for membership registration to people from all around the world. Participants must be 16 years or over to join the panel.

There is no guarantee on the number of the survey invitation you will receive. It is based on random sample selection and the client’s research needs in different countries.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Reputable market research company

– It is available for registration for anyone worldwide.

– Payout option via Paypal payment processor

– Low minimum payout of $2 USD

– Doesn’t sell any member information to third-parties as declared in their website


– Lack of survey earning opportunities in certain countries

– Site is not user-friendly and it is hard to navigate

In conclusion, e-Research global is proven to be legitimate and offer members a chance to earn money online by completing surveys. The only drawback is that sometimes it is always run out of surveys, but it is nice to cash out your earnings after completing each survey.

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