Pureprofile Review 2024 – Is This Survey App Legit or Scam?

Pureprofile is a legitimate paid survey site that has caught our eyeball in our search. The modern look and easy-to-use interface give us an excellent first impression. You can also download their app on your mobile devices and complete the survey when you are on the move to make some bucks.

In this PureProfile review, we will take an in-depth look into this platform and explore how much you can earn from it.

First, let's get started by knowing how PureProfile work.

What is PureProfile?

PureProfile is a reputable panel where you can join for free and earn money by completing surveys. PureProfile Ltd, a listed company in Australia, has owned the site since its incorporation in 2014.

At this point of writing, they already have over 1.1 million registration and has paid out $1.5 million to its members.

How To Earn From PureProfile?

1. Register For A Free Account

The first step is to create a free PureProfile account which is fast and straightforward. Once you provide the country, name and email address, the site will ask you profile questions. This process categorises you into different demographics, such as gender, hobby, education, etc., so they can send you more relevant survey invitations.

2. Download the Mobile App

Next, you can download the PureProfile mobile app available for Android and iOS devices to complete the surveys from your phone to make pocket money online.

If you love to do the paid survey with your mobile phone, you can check out the list of legit rewarding apps we have tested and eventually got paid for our effort.

3. Start Doing Survey

Finally, you are ready to check out the list of available survey opportunities in the surveys section. Sometimes when you click on the survey and answer a few questions, you might get disqualified, or the survey is closed.

Don’t worry. It is a typical scene that you will experience on paid survey sites. However, what we love about PureProfile is the disqualification reward of $0.02.

The app will show how much you can earn and the average time for completion for each survey, so you can pick and choose the right one.

From our experience, the pay rate depends on the country of residence and the survey duration. Even though it supports many major countries, they are more targeted to people from tier 1 countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. If you live in these countries, you have the advantage of getting paid the most.

pureprofile surveys

Bring a Buddy Program

Besides paid surveys, you can also earn commissions from inviting friends and relatives to join PureProfile. So don’t be too excited when you see that you can make $20 for bringing a buddy. It comes with a handful of the requirement to achieve that amount.

How does the referral program work?

The site will pay you $2 for every referral once you register with a verified email address and complete two surveys. However, these surveys excluded the partner survey. But it includes the welcome survey. You can share or email the unique referral link to get people to join.

After which, PureProfile will pay you $1 for every additional completed survey your referral has done. This rewarding system only applies to a maximum of 18 surveys and ends in 3 months with many small prints, excluding screen out, quota full, partner survey, etc. In short, there is a limit of $20; you can only earn up to $20 per referral. The most challenging part is for the referral to complete 18 surveys within three months.

Who Can Join?

Anyone from any country can join Pureprofile if you are over 15 years old. You can get started by creating an account with your country, email address and password. Even though the site is open worldwide, the earning opportunities differ by country.

You can also download their mobile app to complete the survey on the move. However, please take note that if there are no activities in the last 12 months, your PureProfile account will be considered inactive and may be closed. Once that happens, your earning balance will be forfeited. Don’t worry If you have forgotten because they will send you a reminder email before closing the account.

How and When Does I Get Paid?

I love the straightforward rewarding system. There is no complicated and confusing points system because what you see is what you get. PureProfile will show you the exact dollars you can earn by completing each survey.

Once you have accrued the earnings to $10, you can cash out via the PayPal option or gift card from the popular merchants.

pureprofile rewards

Verdict & Payment Proof


– They have regular survey opportunities

– The well-designed and user friendly app makes you motivated to keep doing surveys

– You can get a few cents even if you get disqualified from the surveys

– PayPal is available as one of the payout methods


– Although the program is open worldwide, those living in Australia and New Zealand can get a higher-value survey.

– High payout threshold of $10, unlike sites like LootUp, Surveytime and InstaGC, where you can cash out once you reach $1.

– Require up to 30 days to receive your PayPal cash.

We can conclude that PureProfile is a legitimate website and app backed by a reputable company. So you can rest assured to join and start earning.

However, it might not be the right fit if you are not living in a specific country with a better chance of earning in PureProfile. Don’t worry. We got you covered with the top legit paid survey sites by country.

pureprofile australia payment proof


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