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Irazoo Honest Review – Legit or Scam? Read Before Joining This GPT Site

It might not seem difficult to find earning opportunities to make money online since there are many websites on the internet that can offer it. What makes it challenging is to find the right fit that is legit and paying their members for time and effort spent. 

You should understand and learn more about the site before clicking on the join button. This is it save you frustration and time by checking out reviews and experiences people are sharing online.

Therefore, in this iRazoo review, we will uncover the truth behind and see if it is worth your time doing the tasks on this site.

What is iRazoo?

iRazoo boasted on their website that they are the most popular reward program that has been operating since 2007. It is owned by SideMoney LLC in 379 West broadway, New York, NY 10012.

The duration of operation is a good sign of legitimacy because Reward websites rarely last long if they are not legit. So we can confidently label iRazoo as a legit and paying GPT site at this point of writing.

In additional, they also have their presence in the top social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to further prove that they are serious in the business. However, they are not that active in these platform.

How do you earn from iRazoo?

Similar to any GPT sites, you can earn money by completing tasks online and iRazoo work exactly the same.

Paid Surveys

Like with most GPT sites, you can earn points in iRazoo by answering surveys about many topics such as entertainment, sports, shopping and many others. They will match your profile and offer their exclusive surveys, featured surveys and partner surveys. So it is important to fill up the profile surveys correctly and honestly. In additional, you can also earn the first few points by doing these profile surveys.

Complete Offers

iRazoo works with many 3rd party partners to provide multiple earning opportunities for their members. The offers can be as simple as new product trials, email submits, magazine registrations, and many others.

Daily Goal Bonus

While you are earning points at iRazoo, you are also completing daily goal for bonus points. Daily Goals start at 12:00am each day (US Eastern Time). Monthly Goals start and end with each calendar month.

Only points earned through their partner networks count towards these daily goals. However, promotional points do not count. These include promo codes, profile questions, email verification, profile updates and referring friends.

iRazoo Profile survey

Refer a Friend Program

You can refer people to join iRazoo and they can earn an extra 500 points by keying in the referral code during the registration process. Use V79JB9 to earn this extra 500 points that are equivalent to approximately $0.83 USD.

Once your referral makes their first 1000 points by doing the online tasks, you will receive a referral bonus of 100 to 500 points. The amount of points depends on the country of the referral.

Tier 1 Countries: AU, CA, GB, US – 500 Points.

Tier 2 Countries: CH, DE, DK, ES, FR, HK, IE, JP, NL, NO, NZ, SE, SG – 300 Points.

Tier 3 Countries: All Others – 100 Points.

How do i get paid from iRazoo?

You can earn points primarily through completing online tasks. Tasks are activities like watching videos, completing surveys, and playing games. The availability of these earning opportunities depends on the country you are living in. The choice of rewards differs in USA, Canada and other countries. Paypal is the standard payout method and you require 3000 points ($5) to cash out. If you are living in USA, there are a wide range of merchants rewards for you to choose from. If there is no activity within 60 days in your account, the balance accumulated will be reset to zero.
iRazoo payment

Who Can Join?

iRazoo is available for everyone around the world, but only those in the tier 1 countries have a greater chance of getting more opportunities. iRazoo differs from other sites in joining age. You can join this site as long as you are 13 years and above.



– Free to join

– Open to worldwide but certain countries like US and UK have more earning opportunities

– Get free sign up bonus

– A well established GPT site based on track record


– Limited survey opportunities

– Inactive in social media platform

– No affiliate link provided, only unique code is given, so if the referral click your link but forget to put the code, you will earn nothing.

To sum up, iRazoo is unquestionably a long established legit and paying GPT site. If you are looking to trade free time for small rewards, you can consider iRazoo.

Similar to all paid surveys and GPT sites, don’t expect to earn a full-time income because they are not designed for that. Alternatively, you can also check out our handpicked top GPT sites that have been proven rewarding.

Remember to enter V79JB9 during the regsitration to earn an extra 500 points.


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