Givvy Review

Givvy Review – Is It A Legit App That Give Free Money For Doing Online Jobs?

If you want to make money from rewarding apps for free, try Givvy. In short, it is tested to be legit and paying out. We downloaded the app, signed up, completed some surveys and got paid ourselves. Thus if you want to earn money on your move, you can consider using this app.

However, you might think, “Is it worth it?” Scroll below to read this Givvy review covering everything you need to know about this mobile GPT app before joining.

What is Givvy App?

Givvy is a new mobile rewarding app that was launched by Givvy Ltd, based in Sofia, Bulgaria and had been operating since April 2020. It allows you to make money online for free by doing simple online tasks.

You can play games, watch ads, complete surveys, and get rewarded. The app is filled with advertisements because that’s where they get the fund to pay users like yourself.

The app is available for download in the Apple App store and Google Playstore.

How can you earn from Givvy App?

You can start making money by downloading the mobile app in the Google Play Store for Android devices. It also has the IOS version in the Apple App Store.

There are many ways to earn rewards as Givvy coins. You can then accumulate the points and convert and exchange them for real cash.

1. Completing Surveys

The best and preferred way to earn in Givvy is to take part and complete Theormreach surveys. It is because you can acquire many coins by qualifying and giving the correct answers. Even if the Givvy app disqualified you in the middle of the survey, they would still reward you with a pro-rated amount of coins.

Givvy Review Surveys

2. Daily Check in 

The most easy way to earn a small amount of Givvy coins is to login to the app and look for the “Daily Check-in” section at the top of the screen. Simply click on the button and the coins will be credited into your account. You can get more coins by spending time and logging into the app for 5 consecutive days. The amount of the coins will be doubled every day.

3. Playing Simple Games 

If you love to play games, good news, Givvy also rewards you for playing simple games. There are 3 games to choose from.

a) Tic-Tac-Toe (2 – 6 coins) – Compete with other players and earns Givvy coins by winning each game

b) Memory (4 coins) – Find the matching symbols before the time runs out and within 5 tries to gain the coins

c) 2 + 2 = ? (5 coins) – You are supposed to resolve the mathematical tasks to get the coins

3. Invite Friends

You can invite your friends to join the app using your unique referral link. Both of you get 130 coins when he/she confirms his/her phone number. You will also get to win 400 coins when the referral accumulates 500 coins in the account. Keep a lookout for promo period that offers higher rewards for inviting friends.

This is some sort of referral program, but the downside is that you can only earn a onetime reward, instead of a recurring passive income. If you are looking to build passive income, you must join PrizeRebel and OfferNation that give up to 30% and 25% earnings respectively from what your referral earns.

4. OfferWall

Similar to any GPT sites, Givvy also has an offerwall section that reward you to complete online tasks. Some tasks might involve downloading and installing app, playing games to reach certain levels and many others.

Who can join?

Givvy app is open to users anywhere in the world whose age is 16 and above. It means that you can use the app in any countries you live in. After you download and install the app, no registration is required. You just need to connect it with your Facebook or Google, Apple account.

How and When does I get paid?

Givvy rewards users with coins that are their in-app currency. In order to make money free, you can exchange the accumulated coins and redeem them for the rewards. 119 coins are equivalent to $0.01 USD. You need to use the converter to convert the coins to cash. There are 2 available payout methods that you can withdraw the cash, namely Paypal and Revolut.

The minimum amount to withdraw via PayPal is $0.29 USD, which is considered as a low threshold. Alternatively, you can redeem it through Revolut for $1.04 USD. All you need to do is to input the payment processor email address and you will get paid within an hour.

Givvy Review Payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Low payout threshold of $0.29 USD

– User Friendly interface for ease of use

– Paypal payout option is available

– Fast transaction and you can receive your payment within 1 hour

– No transaction fee, meaning that you get the full payout amount


–  Low earning potential, you only get less than $0.10 for completing a survey. As compared to our top paid survey sites, it is absolutely not worth it.

– Limited lives to play games


In conclusion, Givvy is legit but might not be justifiable to spend time and effort for the little rewards. However, if you are just looking for platform to play simple games, you can consider signing up and earn while playing.

Hope this Givvy app review has provided you a detailed insight on how it works before joining.

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