AttaPoll Review – Can You Really Earn By Using This Mobile Survey App?

If you are searching online for a comprehensive and unbiased AttaPoll review, you are in the right place. In a nutshell, Attapool is a mobile app, where you earn extra pocket money by completing surveys. In this AttaPool review, I will share some insight about AttaPoll, together with my payment proof. Is it really worth while? Let's explore further.

What is AttaPoll ?

AttaPoll is a mobile paid survey app that you can get paid by doing surveys that you receive by notification on your phone. It is only available via Google Play or Apple store. If you are looking to do paid survey on the move, you can also consider downloading and using Featurepoints and Cashkarma.

This mobile app connects you with different marketing research companies and enable members to do surveys and get paid via PayPal or Cryptocurrencies.

It is owned by AttaPoll Ltd, a British company based in London and incorporated in 2016.

How can you earn from AttaPoll?

Doing Paid Surveys

In order to get started, you can download AttaPoll app that is available either on Google Play (for Android devices) or Apple store (iOS devices).

After downloading and installing the app, the first thing to do is accept their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The only way to register with Attapoll is to use your Google account and there is no other registration option available at the point of writing.

After completing the registration, AttaPoll is going to notify you whenever a new survey is available. Alternatively, you can also check out the availability of survey on the app dashboard. Whenever there is a notification of available surveys, it is recommended to complete the survey as soon as possible because the quota can be reached in just few hours and you will not be able to earn from it.

Referral Program

Beside completing survey to earn money, you can also earn some extra bucks by inviting your friends to join AttaPoll via your referral link.

If you manage to get people to sign up using your unique affiliate link, you will get 50 credits once the person installs AttaPoll and completes at least 3 surveys.

Who can join?

AttaPoll app is a free-to-use platform that is available to anyone who are aged 13 years and above worldwide. The only main requirement is that you must have a smartphone to download.

How and When does I get paid?

Whenever you complete a survey in Attapoll, you will be rewarded with credits which you can redeem for PayPal cash or in the form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Etherum. In additional, there is also an option for donations.

1 credit is equivalent to GBP $0.01

The current minimum payout threshold for each option is stated as below:

a) Paypal – 300 credits (£3)
b) Bitcoin – 10000 credits
c) Ethereum – 250 credits
d) Donation – 50 credits

I have personally tested it and the payment is credited instantly into my Paypal account. Check out our payment proof below.

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. The app is completely free to download and join.

2. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Instant Paypal payout

4. It is open to registration in all countries.


1. There is not much survey invitations.

In our usual practice, we have deep dived and tested Attapoll and managed to get paid ourselves. Attapoll is definitely a legit and paying mobile app for those who want to earn money online when you are on the move. 

Hope this AttaPoll review will give you a clearer insight on this mobile app and it is defnitely a great option that I would strong recommend.

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