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Honeygain Review 2022 – Earn Passive Income to Share Internet Connection

There are many methods you can make money online regardless of doing surveys, playing games, watching a video, freelancing and many other ways. But all these jobs need you to spend your valuable time and effort to exchange for the rewards. Want to make money by doing practically nothing and effortlessly?

We found a new way to achieve this goal: share your under-utilised Internet connection through Honeygain. For most of us, we might be working a 9-5 job and including our sleep time, so we will not be using the Internet. Hence, it means that our bandwidth link is idle most of the time.

Since you have already paid for this service every month, why not use it to earn back some bucks to offset the bill? As usual, we will uncover all our findings in this Honeygain review and let you decide if this earning opportunity is the right fit for you. Is Honeygain a legit or scam app?

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an app that allows its users to earn passive income online by just sharing their internet connection. You can download and install the app on your Android or iOS devices or your laptop to get started earning using your internet data. Honeygain will use this network for their partner's businesses in market research and data collection.

It has been operating and paying its member since 2018. However, there are two red flags about this app. First, their founder is unknown, and they do not have a physical address. We can easily find such information on any legitimate paid survey or GPT sites to make them more trustworthy. But we cannot say that Honeygain is not legit because they have been rewarding its members for many years.

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How do you earn from Honeygain?

There are a few ways to earn money from Honeygain.

1. Sharing Internet Connection

Honeygain rewards you for sharing your under-utilized internet connection. You can use either your home wifi or 4G mobile data. However, the earnings will depend on three key factors.

First, your current location is the key factor to earn because how much money you make depends on the demand for internet in your location.

Secondly, the number of IP addresses and devices plays a vital role too. Most people typically have access to only one IP address, but your earning rate will increase if you have more. Besides that, you can also install the app on multiple devices to make more money. However, you can only have a maximum of 2 devices on one IP address.

Lastly, you will require at least 1Mbps internet speed to begin earning and the faster your connection speed, it rewards you better. In addition, Honeygain also has another earning method called content delivery that needs a speed rate of at least 10Mbps. This feature allows users to share their connection for bandwidth-intensive content such as videos, audio, IPTV, etc. However, it is not available in all countries because they need a stable and reliable internet connection to work.

2. Honeygain Daily Jar Bonus

Honeygain has a Honey Jar game that allows you to earn guaranteed random credits by trying your luck every day. You can win as little as ten credits to 10,000 credits.

How to Win at Lucky Bonus Jar?

– Access the Honeygain dashboard once you have logged in

– Click the “Try Your Luck!” button on the pop-up window at the right corner of the screen

– Open the Honey Jar, and the random credit will appear

– Do not press the X button because you need to click on the “Add to Account” button instead to get the bonus.

– You can come back the next day to try your luck again.

The reward from this lucky jar might not seem to be fantastic, but it moves you a step towards the payout threshold, and it just takes you a few seconds.

honeygain daily bonus

3. Referral Program

Like most GPT sites, HoneyGain has a referral program where you invite your friend to join the site and earn a commission. Once your friends join using your unique affiliate link and start sharing their internet connection, you will get 10% of their daily earnings.

Once your friend signs up for a new account, they will instantly receive $5 worth of bonus credit into their account. However, you would not get the 10% of their $5 sign-up bonus. Lastly, this referral program only pays for the first tier, meaning that they only count your referrals' immediate/actual earnings.

Once you have signed up for a Honeygain account, you need to add a few devices and invite some of your friends to get started. Then, you can relax and continue doing what you love the most while enjoying the passive income!

How do i get paid from HoneyGain?

Honeygain rewards you three credits for every 10MB of traffic you share. So if you have transferred 10GB, you will make USD 3. This rate is applicable for default network sharing. If the content delivery feature is available in your country, you can enable it to earn more credits. Honeygain pays you six credits for every active and running hour.

You need to reach a minimum threshold of $20 to request a payment. At the point of writing, Honeygain supports three payment methods with varying fees.

PayPal with a fee of USD 1 + 2%

Bitcoin with a fee of $1.50

JumpTask – Free at this moment.

Wait a minute! What is JumpTask?

JumpToken (JMPT) is a token that JumpTask gives you for tasks done in Honeygain, and you can use it to exchange for cryptocurrency or fiat currencies.

honeygain payout

Who Can Join?

Anyone 18 years old or of legal age in your country is eligible to join Honeygain. Of course, the most important criteria are a stable internet connection, either wifi or 4G (You need to enable mobile data usage). The program is open to everyone globally, but the earnings will vary by location.

In addition, you must also have devices running on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS or Windows.


– Good choice of passive income that does not require much involvement

– They offer a generous start-up bonus of $5 if you join my affiliate link.

– As specified in their terms, they do not store or track any personal information

– It is widely compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices so that anyone can earn from it.

– It is available to everyone globally


– To earn money from Honeygain, you need to run the app in the background or foreground (for iOS phone users). This continuous action will drain your battery and also affect your battery health in the long run, especially if you keep it running 24×7.

– High minimum payout threshold of $20 that need a lot of patience to reach

– It is not suitable for someone with a limited internet connection, and you need to pay for the extra usage, so it is not worthwhile.

In conclusion, Honeygain is a legit app to make a few bucks by sharing your Internet bandwidth. However, it comes with some risks since you give access to your IP address to someone else.

So, if you are very concerned about your information security or running an app constantly on your devices, give this app a miss. Otherwise, Honeygain could be the right choice to earn some passive income.


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