Vie Faucet Review

Vie Faucet Review 2024 – We Got Paid But Worth Your Time?

Have you heard about cryptocurrency faucets allowing you to earn tiny amounts of crypto coins (also known as Satoshis) to complete straightforward tasks such as clicking on ads, offering walls, short links, etc.? You can try out Vie faucet to earn cryptocurrency without spending a single dime.

Vie Faucet is a website where users can earn satoshis at no cost by completing the reCAPTCHA code. What we love about Vie faucet is the frequency of claims, though it's important to note that the amount of Satoshi per claim tends to be modest, typically in the single digits.

As usual, we have tested Vie Faucet and successfully received payment through FaucetPay. It proves that Vie Faucet is legit, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards. However, is it worth the effort and time? Read on.

What is Vie Faucet?

Since it launched in 2020, Vie Faucet has been a popular platform for earning a variety of cryptocurrencies through completing surveys and tasks. Vie Faucet allows users to earn BTC, LTC, Doge, Dash, USDT, TRX, SOL and many other cryptocurrencies.

At this point of writing, Vie Faucet has 828,936 users and has claimed over 466,257 USD.

Vie Faucet is renowned for its faucet-based operation, where users solve verification codes to earn coins that they can convert into the virtual currency of their choice. With Vie Faucet, users can earn around 50 coins every four minutes, making it a rewarding and accessible option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How can you earn from Vie Faucet?

Once you have registered an account with Vie Faucet, you can earn free crypto coins on the platform by accessing the online tasks on the left menu bar.

1. Faucet

In Vie Faucet, users can make faucet claims every 4 minutes, allowing them to accumulate small amounts of cryptocurrency with each claim (50 coins). You must resolve 2 Captcha verifications to qualify for the free claim.

This frequent claim interval ensures users have regular opportunities to earn crypto rewards throughout their engagement with the platform. While the individual amounts earned may be modest, the cumulative effect of consistent claiming can result in a meaningful accumulation of cryptocurrency over time.

vie faucet review coin

2. Short Links

You can earn coins by using shortened URLs! The user must click the short links, solve captchas, and then be redirected to the original website. This option is a fast and effective way to earn money, but it comes with some security risks, such as encountering many scams or even having your PC affected by malware. Therefore, we recommend against using this method for safety.

3. Offer Walls

Like most GPT sites, you can also choose to earn money online through offerwalls, a commonly used method where users complete various tasks and surveys to earn rewards.

Offerwalls provide various tasks such as surveys, app installations, sign-ups, etc. Therefore, you can earn rewards by giving feedback, testing new products, or interacting with advertisers, offering diverse opportunities to earn rewards.

4. Challenges

Vie Faucet has a challenge system where users earn rewards for completing specific tasks or goals. These tasks could involve finishing projects or reaching certain milestones, such as inviting a certain number of referrals or completing a target PTC claim. This system encourages active participation by offering tangible rewards for their efforts.

vie faucet review challenges

5. Daily Bonus

You can get special daily bonus rewards by actively participating in Vie Faucet. Logging in or engaging daily in the platform earns you additional tokens, experience rewards, and streak-earning bonuses, promoting regular engagement and loyalty.

6. PTC (Paid to Click)

You can earn rewards by clicking on advertisement links in Vie Faucet. It means that advertisers pay Vie Faucet to display their ads, and you can earn rewards by simply clicking on these ads and engaging with them in some cases. It's a straightforward way to earn rewards while browsing the platform.

7. Referrals

In Vie Faucet, you can invite your friends to join the platform to earn some rewards. When your referrals sign up for a new account using your unique referral link, you'll receive a commission equal to 10% of their earnings. It means that as your referred friends earn rewards on Vie Faucet, you'll receive a portion of those earnings as a commission. It's a great way to earn additional bonuses by inviting others to join the platform and participate in earning opportunities.

Who can join?

Anyone interested in earning cryptocurrency can join Vie Faucet if your country does not ban it. There are typically no specific eligibility requirements, so as long as you can access the internet and create an account, you can join Vie Faucet.

Whether you're a beginner looking to start earning cryptocurrency or an experienced user seeking additional earning opportunities, Vie Faucet welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels to participate in its platform.

However, it is essential to set your expectations right. Joining a crypto faucet is fun to earn small amounts of digital coins for free, but it does not make you rich.

How and When does I get paid?

As mentioned, Vie Faucet is a crypto faucet; the platform typically pays users cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tron (TRX), Tether (USDT), Solana (SOL), Floki, Shiba and PEPE.

These payments are made directly to the user's cryptocurrency wallet, such as FaucetPay or CWallet, once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 500 coins.

Users can accumulate cryptocurrency earnings by completing various tasks, such as faucet claims, clicking on advertisement links, completing surveys, and participating in other earning opportunities available on the platform. Once the user's account balance reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, you can request for payment and get paid to your designated wallet.

From our experience, you can quickly achieve this target and get paid several times daily.

vie faucet review payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Vie Faucet has Multiple Earning Opportunities. Besides the usual crypto faucet that only allows you to earn via faucet claim, Vie Facuet offer various methods such as clicking on advertisement links, completing surveys, and more, providing flexibility and diversity in earning potential.


– The platform has a low earning potential. The amount of cryptocurrency earned through Vie Faucet tasks such as faucet claims and clicking on advertisement links is typically small, so users may not quickly gain significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

– There is no option to withdraw directly to your crypto wallet. 

vie faucet review payment proof

After testing Vie Faucet and getting paid a few times every day, we can conclude that this platform is legit and pays its members consistently. What we like about Vie Faucet is the extensive list of faucets and instant payout to FaucetPay. Apart from Cointiply, I must acknowledge that Vie Faucet stands out as one of the finest faucets I've encountered.

However, you can give the paid survey a shot if you don't like faucets but still want to earn free popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


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