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Timebucks Review 2024 – Legit Site To Earn Money (Worth It?)

It is an open secret that everyone is searching for methods to earn extra money online. It is especially true in this pandemic period when people are bored at home. So why not use the free time to make extra bucks from the comfort of your house? Yes, it is possible to achieve if you know the proper method.

If you search the internet, there are many ways of earning money online you have never even imagined. One of the most popular ones is joining Get to Paid (GPT) sites that allow you to make money without spending a dime. It is also the easiest way to get started. However, take caution because many scams are lurking around. If you are serious about earning money using paid surveys or GPT, check out this comprehensive list of legit and paying sites based on your country.

Today we will uncover everything in this honest TimeBucks review. It is one of such sites that allows you to make money online from home. We will cover the company's background, its pros and cons, payment methods, and more. After learning everything about TimeBucks, you should be able to decide if this site is the right fit for you.

What is TimeBucks?

It is a good practice to know more about the background of a GPT site before you join. It will help you judge its legitimacy at the first impression before joining.

TimeBucks belongs to an Australian company called Australian Clearing Pty Ltd (We can find it in the payment receipt). The website has been operating since 2014. If you dig further into the Australian business registrar, the company registered the business in April 2018. So it is a good sign of a legitimate site worth joining.

How do you earn from TimeBucks?

TimeBucks has a good mix of online earning opportunities to meet different people's preferences.

1. Completing Survey

Timebucks works with 3rd party panels, like Theorem Reach, Peanut Labs, SurveyTime, Your-Surveys and many others to provide you with survey opportunities. It will match you to the most relevant survey based on your demographic profile. Before taking the survey, you can check out the rewards and how long it will take. The surveys usually will be under 30 minutes, and the estimated earning is around $0.4 to $1.
timebucks survey

2. Offer Walls

Most offer walls require you to complete a set of online jobs to make some earnings. It includes downloading and playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, taking quizzes and many others. It is essential to read the instructions carefully before you do the job to avoid doing nothing. You will not be qualified for the rewards even if you miss a step.

3. Clicking Ads

This concept is like Paid To Click (PTC) sites, for example, Neobux, where you earn a fraction of a cent ($0.001 – $0.006) to click on ads. However, depending on your earnings, you must stay on the site for a certain period. It can be from 5 seconds to 1 minute. This section shows you the number of offers and money available to earn.

timebucks ptc

4. Refer Friends

You can earn 15% of the earnings for anyone you refer to TimeBucks as your commission. For example, if your referral makes $10, you will get a $1.50 commission. The good thing is that there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to join. You can also get a 10% commission on any advertising funds deposited by any user.

5. Watch Videos

If you enjoy watching videos, this will be a simple feat. However, you will only receive $0.001 – $0.006 per video.

6. Ali Express Cash Back Program

You can get cash back on items whenever you purchase something from AliExpress. By the way, not all items are eligible for this program. The commissions range anywhere from 0% to 5%. We do not recommend this way because you need to pay to get paid. It is only suitable for those who frequent this e-commerce portal.

How do i get paid from TimeBucks?

Most paid survey or GPT sites have a minimum payout threshold to cash out, except for SurveyTime. Some websites can have a minimum payout threshold as low as $1, like OfferNation, Dollarclix and InstaGC, while some have as high as $20-$30 on average.

As for TimeBucks, you only need to accumulate up to $10 before you can redeem the earnings. However, there is an extra verification step that you must do to get your payment. You will need to take a photo of yourself with a paper with handwritten “TimeBucks” and submit it for verification.

There are many available choices of payment methods.

– Bank transfers (Wise)
– TangoCard
– Litecoin
– Skrill
– AirTM

There is a fixed weekly payment schedule and no withdraw button. Timebucks will send the payments automatically every Thursday if you reach the $10 minimum payout by the cutoff date, Tuesday at 11:59:59PM New York time. There is a countdown timer for when they generate the invoices and payments f you scroll to the very bottom of the site. Just remember to set your payment method.

As updated at the point of writing, TimeBucks has included the PayPal payment method, which is awesome. Apart from PayPal, TimeBuck has also added VISA, Payeer and Litecoin.

timebucks payment options

Who Can Join?

Timebucks is open to everyone worldwide, and there is no approval process, meaning you can earn once registered. It is entirely free to join. However, surveys may not be available for all countries because there might not be many advertisers.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Open for registration to almost everyone in the world without any approval process

– Offer a wide variety of payout options, including PayPal, LiteCoin, Payeer and etc.

– Timely payment without delay

– Signup bonus of $1


– Payment is not instant

– Low earning potential: If you want to earn more from this site, do more surveys instead of tasks or clicks that pay you a fraction of a cent.

So our final review verdict, is Timebucks legit or fake? After our hands-on experience, we can conclude that TimeBucks is proven a legit GPT site. However, it is not a site that will replace your full-time job, but a good side job to supplement your income.

Number of times we are being PAID

Amount Paid Out (USD)

Sites Like TimeBucks


  • Min. Payout $10
  • Skrill, Payee, Crypto, More
  • $1 Signup Bonus
  • $2 + 15% Referral Rate
  • Owned By Australian Clearing 
  • Eligible for Intl. Members
  • Since 2014

Join Now Review


  • Min. Payout $10
  • PayPal, Skrill, Amazon, More
  • No Signup Bonus
  • 30% Referral Rate
  • Owned By Prodege LLC
  • Eligible for Intl. Members
  • Since 2007 (Former ClixSense)

Join Now Review


  • Min. Payout 500 SB ($5)
  • PayPal, Amazon, Zalando
  • 300 SB ($3) Signup Bonus
  • 10% Referral Rate
  • Owned By Prodege LLC
  • Eligible for Intl. Members
  • Since 2005

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