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Poll Pay Review 2024 – Is It a Legit App To Earn Money Online or Scam?

Many people are looking for ways to make extra money online by sharing their opinions on paid survey sites. Since the Poll Pay app is available for download and installed on IOS and Android devices, everyone can use the app to make money on the move. Besides the mobile app, they recently also launched their web version, so you can still do so if you still prefer to survey your desktop.

Can you make money from Poll Pay? Is Poll Pay just another scam or a legit earning opportunity to make money with your spare time?
Before you rush and download the app, read our Poll App unbiased review today and see if it is worth your time and effort.

What is Poll Pay?

Poll Pay is a paid survey site operated by BitBurst GmbH with their registered address at Lerchenweg 340789 Monheim am Rhein. They even have their business registration number: HRB 89799, and contact information stated on the website. These details make them look legit and trustworthy compared to some other shady sites. Like any other paid survey app, they reward members for sharing their opinions.

How can you earn from Poll Pay?

Poll Pay is a mobile app that offers two types of earning opportunities to make some extra bucks on the move.

1. Paid survey

The primary way to earn from Poll Pay is by completing the surveys found in the app. Before you do a survey, remember you might not qualify for every opportunity. Luckily this app also rewards you $0.01 even if you get disqualified. This earning might seem like a small amount, but it is better than nothing, right?

After completing a survey, you will get a bonus extra percentage earned for the subsequent survey conducted. After that, the timer for the bonus will start, and you have to do surveys to achieve it.

2. Refer Your Friend

Like most GPT and paid survey sites, it also has a referral program that rewards you if your friends join using the unique link.

You will permanently earn 25% of their earnings as a bonus. In addition, if they join with your code, they also have a starting bonus of $0.31.

Download Poll Pay to earn money with surveys. With my code, you will receive a start bonus of S$0.31!

Who can join?

The best part I love about Poll Pay is that it is available almost worldwide. It is open for member registration regardless of where you live. You must be above 18 years old since they use PayPal as the withdrawal method.

There are a few options for using your social media login (Twitter and Facebook) to register for a new account. In addition, you can use your Apple account to log in for those using Apple mobile phones.

How and When does I get paid?

Poll Pay will pay you a certain amount for every survey completed. We have experimented and concluded that it has Paypal and Amazon Gift Card as the payment processor.

The minimum payout threshold for withdrawing your earnings is 15 for both methods. It comes in the denomination of $15 and $25. Although we all love Paypal cash, I’m not too fond of the transaction fee, which is $0.50 in this case.

If you are keen to explore other websites with a low payout threshold of just $1, I recommend you try out SurveyTime, OfferNation and InstaGC.

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Verdict and Payment Proof

PROS 1. You can cash out via PayPal, which is the most reliable and popular payment processor out there 2. There is a disqualification reward of $0.01 (better than nothing) 3. They offer a generous starting bonus of $0.31 if you join using a referral link CONS – Low earning potential -High payout threshold of USD 10, and it might take a while to reach it – Transaction fee of $0.50USD incurred when requesting for payout. It is not uncommon, but if you are looking for websites that don’t require that, Surveytime is one of them that pays you without any fee. In conclusion, Poll Pay can be a great app to earn some extra pocket money by completing surveys if you have some spare time. If you decide to get started and join, then use our code VWR2BZW25M to earn yourself a start bonus of $0.31.

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