pawns app review Review (Formerly IPRoyal) – Earn To Share Internet

How does earning online from doing nothing sound to you? The pawn app is the right option to earn passive income by sharing unused internet bandwidth. However, it would be best to have a fast internet connection for the Pawn app to work correctly.

Besides that, you must also join the site with the right expectation. Yes, you can register an account, download the app, and leave it running, and money will flow in automatically, but the earning potential could be better. It is only $0.02 for every 1 GB you share but to be fair, there is no hard work on your side, so it is still an excellent app to consider joining.

This Pawns app review will explore how the app works, its features, and its pros and cons. So, if you are keen to know this passive income generator better, read on until the end of this Pawns app review before clicking on the join button.

What is Pawns App?

IPRoyal, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, owned The Pawn app. Does the name sound familiar? Yes, previously Pawn app was known as IPRoyal but has since been rebranded to Pawn app. But regardless of which one you hear, they are the same platform that enables you to make money passively by sharing your unused Internet bandwidth.

First, you’ll need to register for an account, which takes a few seconds but remember to use my invitation link to earn a $1 start-up bonus. Next, download the mobile app to your phone or the software to your laptop. In addition, if you want to earn more, you can download it to multiple devices with different networks.

Once you have completed the registration, you’ll start earning by activating the app in the foreground. You can then check your progress in the app, which tells you exactly how much you have made and the bandwidth shared.

pawn app dashboard

How do you earn from Pawn App?

Share Internet Connection

Similar to HoneyGain, the rewards its members in exchange for a certain amount of the user’s network connection and the device’s resources. They will use your internet connection for companies worldwide to run complex processes and tasks.

The platform will pay you $0.20 per 1GB block shared internet connection. In addition, you can also install the app on multiple devices and twice or triple your earnings. But to earn, you must connect each device to different IP addresses.

Referral Program

Besides passively earning from sharing your unused internet bandwidth, you can also actively refer friends and family to the Pawn app. You can earn 10% of every invited referral's payout amount, meaning you can only get the incentive when they get paid. In addition, you can also get $1 into your account when your referral receives the first payout.

I prefer something other than this type of referral earning because, sometimes, it is challenging to get the referral committed to the program. However, I still like sites that credit the commission into your account once the referral has completed any activities.

How do i get paid from

Once you have reached $5, you can request the payment via your preferred withdrawal methods. The rewards choices vary across countries, so you can click on the “select country” dropdown list to choose your country. Afterwhich, it will display the available payment options.

Those in the United States have the most variety of choices, but the most common rewards are PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards and Visa. However, you need to know that they charge a processing fee for some payout options. For example, they charge a high fee of 4% if you withdraw via PayPal. On the other hand, there are no processing fees for some gift cards, so you can consider this reward before cashing out.

pawn app rewards

Who Can Join?

The pawns app is available worldwide for anyone to register, but there are two main criteria. First, you must be of legal age in the country of your official address. Next, you need to have an internet connection.

However, some countries have more earning opportunities than others. So, the earning potential is equal in all countries.

Is It Safe To Use Pawn App?

Before using the Pawn app, you might be concerned and wonder if this site is safe to use. So, you must be aware of the risk you are taking.

Let's explore the information you are sharing with the site.

First, you must use your email as the username to sign in to the Pawns app application. However, this information is standard across any site with membership features. They will also use this email to send you updates or announcements.

Next is the payment information, which can be a PayPal address or a Bitcoin wallet address. This detail is crucial if you want to receive payment from the sites.

Thirdly, they will also collect device information that includes your IP address, the device's model with the operating system, current charge state and your physical location, such as city and country.

Lastly, they will also get your network information, including your WiFi connection's current state.

Once you know the information required to be collected, you should also be aware that Pawn App promises to take care of personal data security with the utmost responsibility and care. However, they also emphasise that no one can guarantee internet communications' full security, so it depends on the individual if they want to take the risk.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Support a wide range of mobile devices and multiple operating systems

– A good way of passive income without doing anything

– Easy and straightforward to use


– You can only earn the referrral earning when they got paid

– It might affect the device's battery life in prolonged usage

– Required high speed and stable internet connection, so might not be suitable for those countries with poor network

In conclusion, the Pawns app is an excellent choice to make extra bucks online without doing anything if you are willing to share your internet bandwidth with strangers. You need to know that it takes patience and time to make money on this platform. However, the best part I love about this site is that the effort to earn is minimal.

On the contrary, we don't like the referral feature that you can only earn a commission when the referral has made the payment withdrawal. It is very challenging for someone to stay committed until they reach $5, so in the end, you might earn nothing from referrals.


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