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Opinion Outpost Review 2022 – Things You Should Know Before Joining

When you are searching the internet on how to earn money online, paid surveys will always emerge as the result. They are the most popular and legit earning opportunities you can consider exploring. You must be surprised that you can earn money just by answering questionnaires online at the comfort of your home.

However, making money from paid survey or GPT sites cannot replace your full-time job, so don’t treat it as an overnight get rich program. The best part about such sites is that it is free to join and earn. There are many survey sites out there, so do you know which ones are legit? In this review, we will explore Opinion Outpost specifically and share with you more insights.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a paid survey website that is incorporated and operating since 2009. This survey panel is owned by Dynata, a global market research company that has been operating since 1977 with over 2 million registered member.

Dynata also owns many popular survey websites such as Opinion World, MyOpinion and many more panels. Besides their own panels, you can often find Dynata appearing in GPT survey router section too.

With all these visible supporting evidence, Opinion Outpost is undoubtedly a reputable and legit site. But this site might not be suitable for because it is only open to eligible countries.

How do you earn from Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a site that only rewards their registered members for taking part in surveys. They will link you up with most relevant surveys, so completing your profile is essential to get earning opportunities. There are 2 ways to access the surveys opportunities in this site. The first one is to log onto their dashboard and check for surveys. The other way is to look out for earning opportunities in your inbox where opinion outpost will email you once there is relevant survey. After qualifying and competing the surveys, points will be credited into your account. You will take around 10-15 minutes to complete a survey on average. The payout will range between 5-30 points for each completed survey.

How do i get paid from Opinion Outpost?

Once you accumulate around 50-100 points by completing surveys, it is time to look at the rewards. You can redeem the points for either PayPal money or gift cards, depending on your preference. In order to exchange your points, navigate to the rewards sections of the dashboard to choose the rewards you want. There are different payout thresholds for each payment method. The most popular ones are: PayPal – 100 points ($10) Amazon Gift Card – 50 points ($5) Visa Prepaid Card – 100 points ($10) Apart from these rewards, you can also choose other gift cards from your local merchants.
opinion outpost payment

Who Can Join?

Just like any paid survey sites, it is totally free to join Opinion Outpost but is open to residents of specific countries who are over age of 18 years old. That includes:

– Germany



United States

United Kingdom

You only have to provide your name and email for registration. Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook account to sign up too.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Backed by a reputable and established market research company

– Free to join

– Pay in PayPal cash


– It is challenging to qualify on many surveys

– No mobile app to ease of use

In conclusion, online surveys might not earn you an income for living, but it is easy to make some extra bucks to supplement your expenses. If you decide to use the spare time for answering surveys, Opinion Outpost is good choice. It is backed by a reputable company so you can trust the site will not go missing out of the sudden.

Besides that, you can also consider using GPT sites that give you more avenues of earning opportunities.


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