ClipClaps Review 2023 – Real or Fake App? (Answer Inside)

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to make extra money? ClipClaps is a mobile app that rewards users for watching funny videos. In this ClipClaps review, you will discover how you can earn money by watching these videos and participating in various activities on the platform.

The ClipClaps app is currently available for both Android and Apple devices. With ClipClaps, you can enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience while making money at the same time. When we first saw this app for the first time, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to earn money on the move. But does it pay out to their members? So read on to find out more about this exciting opportunity in this ClipClaps review!

What is ClipClaps?

ClipsClaps is an innovative mobile app that is available and free to download on both IOS and Android apps. The app rewards you for watching funny video clips. They have been owned and operated by Grand Channel Entertainment Limited since 2020 and have garnered over 1 million downloads.

It is available for free download on both IOS and Android platforms, making it easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone. With ClipsClaps, users can watch funny videos and earn rewards. It makes ClipsClaps an attractive option for people who want to make money while having fun.

Furthermore, the app has several features, such as the ability to upload videos, and raffles, spin the lucky wheel and even participate in challenges for extra rewards. With its wide range of features and rewards system, ClipsClaps will surely be a hit among mobile users.

How To Earn From ClipClaps?

Firstly you will need to install the rewarding app from the app store or google play store. Remember to redeem a sign-up bonus of USD 1 by joining ClipClaps under our referral link.

Every 1000 ClapCoins is equivalent to USD 0.01. Therefore, achieving the cashout might seem challenging, but don't worry. If you can spend some time on the app, you will reach the threshold in no time.

If you are a video lover, it is a great app to get paid simply by watching the video. Of course, you can also find these funny videos on Facebook or other social media platform. However, the main difference is that in ClipClaps, you get paid by viewing videos.

In addition, we have listed some other methods to earn from ClipClaps below.

1. Watching Videos

Watching videos is the primary earning method in ClipClaps. All you have to do is to scroll down the page to watch the latest funny videos. There will be a timer behind counting down to reach the treasure jug.

After the countdown, you can find the treasure jug filled with coins, so redeem the coins when ready. Besides that, you can earn a mulitplier if you claim the coins later. For example, if you claim the coin after 1 minute, there will be a 1.2x bonus.

clipclaps review coin

2. Daily Tasks

You can also earn coins by completing simple daily jobs. For example, if you watch a video for 1 minute, you can earn 500 coins, whilst playing a game in ClipClaps makes you 100 coins.

3. Financial Plan

Once you start to accumulate some Clapcoins, you can buy funds to earn interest over the days. Here are the funds details:

Alpha Fund – You can buy 300 coins and after 24 hours, you will receive 3000 coins, so you earn 2700 coins.

Vanguard Fund – You can buy 500 coins and after 24 hours, you will receive 550 coins, so you earn 50 coins.

Silverstone Fund – You can buy 1000 coins and after 7 days, you will receive 1500 coins, so you earn 500 coins.

Goldstone Fund – You can buy 2000 coins and after 14 days, you will receive 3600 coins, so you earn 1600 coins.

Goldstone Fund – You can buy 2000 coins and after 14 days, you will receive 3600 coins, so you earn 1600 coins.

BlackCrescent Fund – You can buy 3000 coins and after 30 days, you will receive 7500 coins, so you earn 4500 coins.

clipclaps review financial plan

4 Spin The Lucky Wheel

In this app, you can enjoy a free mega spin every 7 days, that allow you to earn cash rewards from $0.01 – $3.00. If you have invited your friends to join, you can also get extra spin.

 4. Playing games and scratchers

There is a game center that you can play games, like Texa holdem, Aquarium and Brainaire to get more clapcoins. Beside that, you can also play the scratcher once your balance is over 5000.

5. Refer people to join ClipClaps

You can invite your friends to get diamond chests that consists of cash rewards, clipcoins or raffles. For each friend that sign up, you can receive a diamond chest and your friends get ones too. So remember to join ClipClaps using this link or enter this code 1ZQE9T42 during registration.

Who can join?

This mobile video app is opened to registration for all members worldwide.

How and When does I get paid?

Payment can be redeemed by PayPal. The best thing is that I like most is that you can request a payment via PayPal once you reach only $0.10 (ONLY for the first time). We have tested out personally and it did paid out after 2-3 days. The good news is that there is no fee to cash out this $0.10.

After this first payout, the mimimum threshold for the subsequent payout will range from $10 – $50 OR $6 (if you have referred a friend). For these payouts, you will be charged a $0.25 fee

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is a easy way to earn money in Clipclaps by just viewing funny video. You don't need to have any skillset, you just need to have internet connection.

2. There are NO advertisement.

3. It is available to be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

4. You can get paid by Paypal option.

5. It is open to member registration worldwide.


1. Low payout. A lot of time and effort is required.

2. The app consumes a lot of battery.

Is ClipClaps a Scam? It is definitely not a scam since we really get paid but it can take up a lot of your time in watching videos.

Hope this ClipClaps review will give you a deeper insights on this mobile app.

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