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Is it Legit or another Scam?
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Is OfferNation really paying or another scam out there? I will answer you now, Yes it is 100% legit and paying because we have joined and tested with 2 payment proof ourselves (at this point of writing). BUT before you rushed to join, you might considered reading on for the Offernation Review to decide for yourself if it is worth your time and effort.

About OfferNation 

Firstly, let’s dive into the background of Offernation. It is owned by 99 Ventures that is operating a couple of GPT (Get paid to) sites, namely and RewardingWays (We have not tested on these 2 sites, so no comments yet, but rest assured that we are on our way to review it and stay subscribed to our blog)

How You Can Earn From OfferNation?

1. Doing Paid Survey Online – You can make money for completing surveys on this site. Each survey you successfully complete will earn you cash into your account.

2. Taking part in contests – You can join the different contests in this site and they are open to any member of the site.

3. Refer your friend – For each person who signed up under your referral link, you’ll be able to earn 25% of the earnings what they have been rewarded. This is a good recurring income if they are active because it is good for the life of each account that signs up under you.

You can encourage them to sign up to get a start up bonus of $0.25 USD for FREE, so Join us now to earn this bonus.

Why wait? Join now and start earning! ABSOLUTELY FREE! .

Pros and Cons of OfferNation 

Free to Join at Zero CostLow income potential but good for some pocket money
Get $0.25 as a signup bonusNot mobile optimised
Low Payout Threshold Cash out at just $1!
You can earn 25% rom referral
Can cash out via Paypal
Available worldwide

Our Payment Proofs

Seeing is Believing

Number of times we are being PAID

Amount Paid Out (USD$)

Are You Ready to Join?

Join this legitimate GPT (Get Paid To) site – OfferNation that we have reviewed and tested personally by our team. It’s FREE, why not give it a try to earn some pocket money?

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Paid Survey Review Offernation Review 2019 – Is it Legit or Scam?