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Marketagent Review 2024 – Worth Your Time and Effort?

Recently, I chanced upon MarketAgent and decided to try making money by doing their online surveys. Intrigued by my curiosity, I decided to sign up and see if this site could deliver its promise.

After signing up, I explored how much I could earn and the rewards option. In this Marketagent review, I’ll explain how this platform works and give you my genuine opinion. Can you trust and spend time on this site?”

Let’s get started!

What is Marketagent?

MarketAgent is a survey platform operated since 2001 by online research GmbH, an Austrian registered company. Unlike some shady sites, Marketagent has listed all its official contact information and even business IDs on its official website.

With 3 million panel members at the point of writing, MarketAgent has won many people's trust with a solid reputation.

What?! It has been operating since 2001, but why has it not come to our radar? We are surprised, too. Even though it has been operating for more than two decades, this site is not so popular compared to ySense, Prizerebel, and OfferNation, to name a few.

Nevertheless, based on numerous positive feedback and reviews online, it's legit and a platform to complete surveys and get rewarded.

Like many paid surveys and GPT sites, Marketagent will pay you for your time and effort in sharing your opinions.

How can you earn from Marketagent?

Joining MarketAgent is entirely free, and the signup process is straightforward. You only need to input basic personal information like your name, email, gender, and address. Moreover, they offer a convenient app for Android and iOS devices, enabling you to take surveys while moving.

Upon successful signup, you will earn 150 points just for registering a new account worth $1 or the approximate value in your currency.

You might also be interested in the list of legit websites to get paid upon signup.

Marketagent has limited avenues for earning and rewarding opportunities, unlike get-to-paid (GPT) sites. Let's explore the methods available to maximize your earnings.

1. Completing Surveys

MarketAgent will notify you via email or push notification whenever a new survey matching your profile is available. Alternatively, you can access these available surveys in the “Overview” or “Current Surveys” tab.

Each survey discloses the points you'll earn and its estimated duration. It's important to note that many surveys start with preliminary questions to ensure the right fit for specific market research studies. However, only some attempts will qualify, and participation doesn't guarantee compensation.

The number of surveys you receive depends greatly on your location, profile and participation frequency. However, there are complaints about limited survey availability in certain countries.

For eligible participants, survey rewards typically range between 30 and 250 bonus points per survey, equivalent to less than $4.

marketagent surveys

2. Invite Friends Program

Like many sites, MarketAgent also pays you commissions for inviting people to join them.

There are four methods to refer someone to MarketAgent:

Method 1: You can email your friend directly via the “invite friends” tab.

Method 2: Share Marketagent on your Facebook post.

Method 3: Sharing the link via WhatsApp and send it to your contacts who are keen to make money doing surveys.

Method 4: You can also choose to get the direct link and embed it into your website.

You will receive 100 points whenever someone signs up through your unique affiliate link and completes their first survey.

Who can join?

Since its launch, MarketAgent has extended its presence to more than 70 countries globally. To verify availability in your country, visit the official website and confirm eligibility based on your location.

Additionally, the platform offers support for numerous local languages. Therefore, if English isn't your primary language, you might find an alternative language option.

How and When does I get paid?

Marketagent allows you to withdraw cash via PayPal or Skrill.

The minimum payout threshold for both options is 1000 points, equivalent to $15.

A processing fee of 100 points is applicable to withdraw funds via PayPal. However, there’s no associated processing fee when utilising Skrill for withdrawals.

Alternatively, you can even choose to make donations.

marketagent rewards



1. A Generous signup bonus of 100 points

2. You can get paid by cash via PayPal and Skrill.

3. You can download the MarketAgent mobile app for your Android or iOS device, meaning you can do surveys and make money on the move.

4. It’s available in many countries.


1. You might not get many survey opportunities depending on your country of residence.

2. The survey disqualification rate is relatively high.

3. The minimum payout threshold of $15 is considerably higher than other sites.


From our research and findings, MarketAgent is a reliable survey platform offering opportunities for earning extra income online. If you want to earn money doing surveys, you can consider MarketAgent as one of the options.

However, some countries or profiles might receive limited survey invitations. In such instances, we recommend considering participation in surveys or GPT sites that allow international members.

One of our highly recommended platforms for completing surveys and offering various straightforward tasks is Prizerebel.


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