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ZoomBucks Review 2023 – A Legit Site Worthwhile to Try or a Scam to Avoid?

If you are looking for an unbiased ZoomBucks Review to determine if this Get-To-Paid (GPT) is a legit or scam site, this post will bring the truth to light.

In this ZoomBucks review, I will cover how this site works, how you can earn money online, and the payment method offered.

So, let’s explore deeper into the site.

What is ZoomBucks?

Starting in 2014, ZoomBucks is a subsidiary of The Marketing Group Inc, the same parent company that owns and operates GrabPoints. As a result, you can easily spot it with a similar user interface.

ZoomBucks is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that pays its members to complete the survey online, watch videos, and do offers. It works similarly to other legit GPT sites, like FreeCash, PrizeRebel, OfferNation, etc.

If you have some spare time and love to earn money by doing online jobs, ZoomBucks is an excellent site to explore.

How can you earn from ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks rewards you for completing online jobs by allocating points. You can earn around 20 to 1500+ points by completing offers, watching videos or doing online surveys.

The value of 1000 points is equivalent to USD 1. Upon reaching 3000 points, you can then start to redeem your money.

These are the various ways to earn from ZoomBucks, and they are mentioned below:

1. Complete Profile Bonus

After registration, you can start by answering all demographic questions and instantly earn 750 points. Wow, this is a good start to reaching your payment threshold.

Besides that, ZoomBucks will also increase your chance of being matched with a survey opportunity based on your profile. You will receive emails suitable for your profile, so completing the profiling survey accurately and honestly is vital.

zoombucks profile bonus

2. Referral Program

Zoombucks has a referral program where you can invite as many friends as possible. You can share the unique affiliate link code via Facebook or any social media platform to get more people to join.

You can make from 25 to 250 points when your referrals join based on their country of origin. The plus point is that your referral will also get 500 points by using your invite link code. However, your referral must make at least 1000 points before getting your commission of 500 points.

Tier 1 Countries

Earn 250 points for each referral that makes at least 1000 points from these countries:

United States
United Kingdom

Tier 2 Countries

Earn 150 points for each referral that earns at least 1000 points from these countries:

– Sweden
– Denmark
– Norway
– Switzerland
– France
– Ireland
– New Zealand
– Japan
– Singapore
– Spain
– United Arab Emirates

Tier 3 Country Referrals

Earn 25 points for each referral through all countries not listed in the first or second tier. The referral must earn 1000 points to qualify.

3. Participating in Online Surveys and Complete Offers

There is a range of online survey panels for you to participate and you can earn points by completing the survey. In addition, you can also browse the offer walls to complete tasks like downloading and playing games, watching videos and many others.

zoombucks survey earning

Who can join?

Anyone around the globe can join this GPT site as long as you are 13 years or older. But it has a tiered system that offers better earning opportunities for specific countries, especially Tier 1 countries listed above.

How and When does I get paid?

You can redeem the payments via PayPal once you reach the minimum payout threshold of 5150 points, equivalent to $5 plus a small fee. I will personally prefer Paypal cash as compared to other below-mentioned gift cards.

Alternatively, you can also exchange your points for free Robux in Zoombucks. After completing the required online tasks and accumulating 5,600 points, you can redeem a $5 Rixty gift card.

If you are also interested in other GPT sites with a minimum payout threshold of $1, join instaGC, Offernation and Surveytime.io.

zoombucks payout method

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is free to download and join.

2. Paypal cash payout option is available, and it has a fast processing time. You will receive your PayPal cash within 48 hours.

3. It has a pretty low minimum withdrawal threshold that gives you more flexibility to request for payout more often.

4. It is open to registration in all countries globally.


1. The major drawback of this site is that those from 3rd tier countries will find fewer offers and earning opportunities.

As usual, we have explored and verified ZoomBucks personally and managed to get paid via our Paypal account. ZoomBucks is a legit and paying GPT site for those who want to earn extra bucks.

I hope this review will give you a heads up before deciding if you want to join or not.

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By seeing this Zoombucks review, you can see that it is legit and paying. So visit ZoomBucks and register to get your free membership today.


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