Faucet Crypto Review

Faucet Crypto Review 2024 – Earn Free Coins But Worth It?

Cryptocurrency has been a rising trend over the past few years, and everyone is looking for ways to earn money. You can join Get Paid to (GPT) sites offering crypto as a reward or a faucet for free coins.

Faucet Crypto is a PTC (Paid-to-Click) and crypto faucet website with an average rating. Our overall impression was satisfactory, with the website's user-friendly interface and easy to navigate. The platform boasts a sizable community, and its earning opportunities are generally safe, although you should practice extra caution when dealing with their short links. However, the earning potential is modest, so be realistic.

Withdrawals for specific cryptocurrencies are fast and straightforward, particularly for Tron and Doge coins, which are often readily available. However, withdrawal times may vary for other cryptocurrencies as not all crypto options are consistently in stock. While you can expect fast withdrawals from some options, others may require patience.

If you want to earn some cryptocurrencies for free, read our comprehensive Faucet Crypto review for an entirely honest assessment of the platform. Discover how it operates and learn how to earn free crypto through their website.

What is FaucetCrypto?

Faucet Crypto website is developed and launched in October 2019 to introduce new people to the cryptocurrency world by giving free coins for completing simple tasks. They have stated clearly and honestly that you will not get rich or earn your salary.

It has a similar concept to an RPG game. You can use items, sell items on the market to real players and level up! Whatever you do in Faucet Crypto, you will be rewarded experience points and rise in level with these experience points. You will enjoy better perks every time you level up.

How do you earn from Faucet Crypto?

You can earn cryptocurrency by completing a wide choice of tasks that are available in Faucet Crypto website.


The main way to earn from this site is of course claiming from their faucet. You are required to wait for 20 minutes between every claim.

When time is up, answer a captcha and wait for 16 seconds to claim the free coin. However, you can skip the captcha if the system has already verified that you are human. This process is usually possible after you have made the claim many times.

faucet crypto faucet

Paid to Click Advertisements

You can also earn some coins by clicking and viewing the advertisements under the PTC ads section. Once the timer is up, click on the continue button and you will be redirected to the advertised website. Depending on the ads clicked, wait for 16 or 40 seconds to be eligible for the claim. However, the window is required to be in focus all the time.

There is a limit to PTC advertisements you can click and it will be refreshed every day.

You can also choose to click on short links to earn some coins. Similar to faucet, wait for 15 seconds before you are redirected to the short link to claim your coin.

faucet crypto ptc

Offerwalls and Surveys

Isn’t this the same as GPT sites? Yes, it is the same where you earn money by completing surveys and online job. But the earning is much lower than the true blue GPT sites. However, you need to hit level 20 before accessing this section, but it is pretty easy to reach this level.

You might be interested in knowing the top GPT sites that we have tested and proven legit and paying to their members.


Besides the faucet and PTC, faucet crypto also has a very nice feature called the “Challenges”. This is a bonus perk where you get small gifts for doing specific activities on the site.

faucet crypto challenges

Get Commission By Referring

You get 20% of what your referral earns from any activities he/she completed. This is a bonus from FaucetCrypto so don’t worry that your referral gets less. They still get the same earning as stated in the tasks. You can even buy a boost item to increase the earning percentage. But before that, you must first have many referrals so that you can reap the most from boosting.

How do i get paid from Faucet Crypto?

You are rewarded with coins for every activity completed on the site and eventually use them to redeem for your favourite cryptocurrency. At the point of writing in 2024, they currently supports 22 crypto currencies, namely Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ehereum Classic, Fantom, Horizen and many others.

Once you reached the minimum payout threshold, you can withdraw directly to your wallet address.

There is a minimum withdrawal threshold of 1000 coins (depending on the type of chosen crypto) before allowing you to claim the free coin and there is fee of 50 – 100 coins per withdrawal.

However, there are 2 drawbacks to the withdrawal process. First is the daily limit to the amount of coins you can withdraw. Second is the limited stock level of the crypto coin that can be withdrawn.

faucet crypto rewards

Who Can Join?

Faucets are a good way for beginners to engage in cryptocurrency without investing any real money. Anyone around the world can join this site with their name and email address. Most importantly, they must have a crypto wallet to receive the rewards from this faucet.

However, there are some countries that banned cryptocurrency. They are China, Bolivia, Egypt, Nepal.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Available worldwide as long as the countries support cryptocurrency

– User friendly and responsive website design

– Direct payment support for some coins

– Wide variety of supported cryptocurrency available

– Low fee for withdrawing

– Unique features of using level system that motivate you to keep level up


– Doing simple task with little rewards might turn boring in the long run

– Waiting time might get annoying but this is the feature of faucet

In conclusion, Faucet Crypto is a legit faucet or PTC site that is truly paying their members as promised. I love the RPG styled features that motivate you to keep level up that make it more interesting.

If you are exploring into crypto, it is a good site to get started and earn some free coins with your free time. We are sure that it is one of the top 10 faucet that you can find online. Why wait? We have personally tested the site and see below for the payment proof. Let’s jumpstart your crypto journey by joining this legit faucet site.

faucet crypto payment


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