Gift Hunter Club review

Gift Hunter Club Review 2024 – Legit or Scam? (We Got Paid)

Many of us already know we can earn money online by completing jobs on the paid survey and GPT sites. If you are searching for money-making opportunities online, you might have come across the Gift Hunter Club. However, you might wonder if it is a legitimate site that truly pays its members.

You come to the right place where we will uncover everything you need to know in this gift hunter club review.

What is Gift Hunter Club?

Like our top sites, Prizerebel, InstaGC and OfferNation, Gift Hunter Club is another GPT platform that pays you to complete online tasks.

It is a website that rewards you for your time and effort. You can join for free and collect cents by completing surveys and offers. You can then exchange these cents for the payout options.

Gift Hunter Club belongs to a Spanish company called Innovative Hall Media Media Technologies, S.L. The best part is that we can find their address and company registration number on their website. From our experience, those sites backed up by registered companies are more trustworthy than those shady sites with hidden owners.

How can you earn from Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter club offers a wide variety of ways to earn money listed below.

Sign up bonus

It offers a generous bonus reward of 100 cents (equal to $1) for just signing up. All you need to do is to register an account with your email. After signing up, the next step is to fill in your profile information to unlock more surveys.

Sign up now to grab this bonus.

gift hunter club signup

Complete Surveys and Online Tasks

Doing daily surveys is undoubtedly the most efficient way to earn in any GPT sites that can reward up to $1 per survey. Gift Hunter Club is not an exception.

When you choose the survey section, you gain access to a comprehensive list of surveys. They are provided by a third-party survey panel, like Wannad, CPX Research, Peanuts lab, etc. You need to go through a pre-qualification questionnaire before taking the survey.

Offer Walls

Gift Hunter Club currently has 14 offer walls, including AdGem, Personaly, Revenue wall, etc. You are required to complete the task by following the instruction. The earning opportunities allow you to make money online by completing surveys and quizzes, downloading and installing mobile apps, playing games, signing up for offers and many others.

Invite Friends 

You can also refer other people to try out Gift Hunter Club using your unique personalised lunk. You get 10% of what they earn in some categories.

An extra 75 cent bonus will also be credited to your account once they get their first 100 cents completing the offers.

Besides these perks, Gift Hunter Club also has a monthly referral contest. They reward the top 10 referrals with the respective amount of cents.

  • 1st position – 3500 cents
  • 2nd position – 2200 cents
  • 3rd Position – 1000 cents
  • 4th Position – 500 cents
  • 5th Position – 200 cents
  • 6th – 10th Position – 100 cents

Who can join?

Gift Hunter Club is open for free registration to anyone 14 years old and above. You can join regardless of where you live, but it does not mean that there will be any earning opportunities in your country.

The availability of the surveys depends on your geographical location. The countries with the most earning opportunities are Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and those in Europe.

How and When does I get paid?

This site rewards members with cents for the online tasks they have completed. After accumulating enough cents, you can choose to exchange for either PayPal Cash or Amazon gift cards at the shop.

The minimum payout threshold for PayPal is 530 coins, equivalent to $5 and $0.30 for the incurred withdrawal fee. However, if you choose to withdraw $10, you can skip the fee.

If you prefer to get rewards as an Amazon gift card, the minimum payout threshold is $5. The supported countries for Amazon are the USA, Spain, the UK, Canada and France.

Once you submit your withdrawal request, it will take around 1 to 3 working days.
However, you need to complete a phone verification once you have accumulated enough cents for redemption.

Is there any expiration date for the cents?

No, cents don't expire, but the account can expire. Gift Hunter Club will delete the account if you do not log in to the website within 90 days.

gift hunter club payment

Verdict and Payment Proof


– It is free to join

– Open to worldwide member registration as long as you are 14 years old or above.

– Offer a convenient option to cashout using PayPal

– Provide a variety of earning opportunities to make money online

– Sign up bonus


– Low earning potential

– Not many payment options. It only has PayPal and Amazon gift cards.


Here is our final verdict on Gift Hunter Club. Yes, it is a legitimate GPT site. We have joined the site and got paid ourselves. This site makes an excellent option to explore if you are keen to earn extra pocket money using this GPT (get paid to).

It is important to remember doing surveys online can help you make a little extra money on the side. It does not replace your full-time job. If you stumbled upon review sites that promote thousands of dollars monthly by just completing surveys, it is fake information.

Gift Hunter Club is suitable for people who don’t mind earning a few bucks using their free time. If you spend some time on this site, you might earn around $10 weekly. However, you can increase the earning opportunities by joining more paying panels like our top legit GPT sites.

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