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5 Mind-Blowing Technique To Avoid Frequent Survey Screen Out

“Why do I keep getting disqualified or screened out from paid surveys?”

We got this question frequently asked by many people trying to make extra bucks completing the paid survey. It might be a good idea to get paid doing surveys. But as a survey taker myself, I know that being screened out can be extremely discouraging and disappointing.

However, you need to understand that paid survey is a legitimate business. For example, market research companies require specific demographics to answer their survey since companies pay them, ensuring maximum accuracy.

So In this article, you will find out why survey screen out happens and how you can avoid it as much as possible. Let’s get started.

1. Complete the profiling surveys properly and be up to date

Before you can even start to take surveys, most sites will require you to answer profiling questions. Apart from filling out your personal questions, you will need to answer more in-depth questions based on topics and interests.

The survey panel will use this information to match you with the most relevant available survey opportunities. Then, it will pre-screen you to get less disqualification because your interests do not fit the company's needs.

Be sure to fill in these profiling questions when you first join the paid survey sites. In addition, keep it updated every six months or a year.

It would be best if you also stayed consistent when answering questions about yourself through the qualification process. For example, if you are a male, but you answer female during the qualifying question, the panel might screen you out instantly.

2. Be Quick To Answer The Survey

Every survey has a quota on the number of people who can take them. The respondent numbers can range from 50 to 300, but it is dependable on the company's requirements. Once a survey reaches its limit, you will not be able to participate and earn.

On top rated sites, respondents snatch survey opportunities quickly, and I am talking about them in minutes. So please check your email frequently and take the survey whenever there is one. If you put it off to a later date, there is a high probability that the study will not be available anymore.

You should also ensure that the survey invites are going into your inbox instead of the spam folder. You can do that by whitelisting the sender's email address by marking it as not junk.

In a nutshell, faster finger wins, and you are more likely to have a chance to take the survey if you match all demographic requirements.

3. Pay Attention to Answering Questions

Another crucial thing you need to do is focus on the questions when taking the surveys. Some sites will have attention or trick questions to test if you are paying attention or rushing through.

For example, the question can ask you to pick a specific answer, like B, C, etc. But, on the other hand, I have also met some questions that ask to pick out the odd answer among the others.

So if you answer this attention question wrongly, the survey will know that you are not paying attention. What will happen? Most likely, you will be screened out of the survey immediately. Imagine that you have spent 10-15 minutes taking the survey but have failed the attention questions at the end. You have wasted your time and effort.

The only best solution is to do your best to answer each question truthfully and accurately.

survey screen out questions

4. Do Not Speed

You should not be completing the survey too fast. The survey panel will take it as a red flag that you are not paying attention. In addition, the market research companies will assume that the quality is not up to their standard. As a result, they will not reward you for what you have completed.

As mentioned previously, survey panels required accurate answers. They even tell you the duration required for each survey before taking them. So be sure to take your time to complete the survey honestly.

survey screen out time

5. Choose Short Surveys Instead

“What? I want to earn more by taking the longer survey.”

Yes, shorter surveys indeed pay less than longer ones. However, you can get qualified for these survey opportunities much more quickly. In addition, short surveys generally have fewer qualifying questions, so you have a higher chance of completing the survey and getting rewarded.

I will think that the ideal survey length is 10 – 15 minutes. Do more short surveys, and you can take more opportunities to increase your earnings incrementally.

In conclusion, do not treat paid survey as scam if you keep getting disqualified. Of course, you cannot avoid getting screened out of survey 100 percent, but you can minimise it by applying these techniques.

Good luck!


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