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TGM Panel Review 2024 – Legit Paying Paid Survey or Scam?

During this unprecedented period, I believe many people are looking for ways to make some extra money online. However, you can get sceptical and frightened of getting scammed, but you need not worry if you join the right one.

Completing online jobs on paid surveys and GPT site is the number one choice to make money online without forking out a single cent. Today we will uncover our experience with TGM Panel in this review. You will learn everything about how it works, the payout methods, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Let’s dive in now.

What is TGM Panel?

TGM panel is a paid survey site owned by a global market research company called TGM Research FZE. It was established in the United Arab Emirates and operating since 2017. You can earn PayPal money by answering surveys from big brands by joining them. The surveys cover a vast range of topics like products, brands, advertisements and other matters of general interest. TGM panel collaborates with CINT AB and other surveys providers to offer more survey opportunities to their registered members.

How do you earn from TGM Panel?

TGM Panel allows you to make money by completing surveys on their website. There are three ways for you to earn.

1. Completing Survey

You can earn PayPal money for every survey you complete. Once you register for a new account, you can access the dashboard for survey opportunities. Besides that, they will also send you an email notification whenever there is any survey earning opportunities. From the dashboard, you can see the rewards and the survey length to determine if you are keen to take it up.
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2. Earn Points for Disqualification

If you try to take part in a survey but cannot complete it, TGM Panel will still give you a token of appreciation. You will get 0.03 points (equivalent to $0.03) credited into your account, and you can redeem it for PayPal money once you reach $5.

3. Referral Program

They offer a generous referral program in that you will receive 20% of the remuneration paid by respondents registered through your unique affiliate link. You can withdraw the rewards obtained from the affiliate program after collecting points on your account (1 point = 1 SGD)

How do i get paid from TGM Panel?

TGM rewards you with two types of earnings – Cash and Points. They will pay you cash once you complete the surveys. In addition, you will earn credit for survey disqualification and affiliate earnings. The minimum payout threshold is also different. You will need to reach SGD 16 in the cash account to redeem via PayPal. However, you need to have 5 points which are $5 for the redemption. This minimum threshold might differ in each country. It is also essential to use the same email address as your PayPal account to register for the TGM account.
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Who Can Join?

TGM Panel member registration is open to residents from the major continents with over 130 countries (Choose your country), and it is entirely free to join. It is a simple process by providing some basic information, click the confirmation link in your registered email, and you are good to go.

Once you have registered, the next thing to do is complete the profile section so that TGM Panel can choose the most qualified surveys for you. This profiling survey will help in minimising the survey disqualification rate. However, you will not be getting paid to fill in this profiling questionnaire.

Verdict and Payment Proof


– It is open to member registration in many countries around the globe

– Has the option of PayPal as the payment processor

– The reward for completing surveys is comparably higher than other survey sites

– You can do the surveys either on the desktop or on mobile devices

– Short payment waiting time of around 72 hours

– You are compensated with credits even if the TGM panel disqualify you from surveys.


– High payout threshold of SGD 16 compared to those sites that allow you to withdraw money when you reach USD 1. If you are keen to explore websites with such low payout options, check out OfferNation, instaGC, SurveyTime and DollarClix.

From our survey taking experience and journey with TGM Panel, they genuinely offer daily online earning opportunities. TGM Panel is not a scam, but the success rate with the site still depends on the country you reside. There might be more survey opportunities in some countries. In conclusion, it is legit and worthwhile to give it a try.

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