Zap Surveys Review

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Zap Surveys App Review – Scam or Legitimate?

In this Zap Surveys Review, we will explain how you can earn, get paid and if this mobile survey app is legit or just a another scam out there.

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Zap Surveys is quite unique in a way that it only operate as an app that is available on IOS and Android mobile devices that reward you to do online surveys.

Get Started with Zap Surveys App

1) Earn $0.75 Instantly by Joining For Free

To begin, search for Zap Surveys on your mobile device to download this app. You can join via either using your facebook account or just your email address. This simple step of joining will help $0.75 sign up bonus instantly! BUT the bonus does not stop here. If you join Zap Surveys using my referral link, you will get additional $0.75. 

2) Fill in Your Profile and Earn another $6

After joining Zap Surveys, you are required to  fill out a profile survey (a simple 13 multiple choice questions).After completion, you will be paid $6 for this profiling activity.

3) Participate Surveys via Providers

You can now do surveys online through a few providers. Simply click on a provider, and you’ll be re-directed to all of the surveys that are available.

4) Daily Login Cash

Beside doing surveys, Zap Surveys also reward you with bonus money when you log into the app consecutively everyday. If you can login for 45 days in a row, you can earn yourself an extra $0.75!

5. Earn More When You Refer Friends

Zap Surveys have a referral program that incentise you with $0.45 to refer your friends to use the app. The best part is that your friend will receive $0.75 in return (mentioned in point 1). You’ll have your own unique referral link you can use for your friends to sign up.

Note: This is a one time reward from Zap Survey so if you are looking for paid survey that allow you to earn recurring income from your referrals, you can either considered using PrizeRebel or Offernation.

6. What are the Rewards and Cashout Threshold? 

Once you earn the minimum payout threshold of $25, you can cash out via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card.

Zap Surveys Review Verdict

Since we have not yet personally been paid by this site, we can only conclude this review based on our online researches in other people experience. There are mixed verdicts where some recommended it as a legitimate and paying program, while on the contrast, there are complaints on the  payment that is being delayed and not paid out.

Pros – It has a high start up bonus of $6.75 to get your started in this site. It has a simple user interface to navigate and participate in doing surveys.

Cons – The payout threshold of $25 is too steep and it is hard to achieve it.

Hope this Zap Surveys Review give you a better insight for this paid survey app and we will update you once we have reached the $25 payment htreshold.

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