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RewardXP Honest Review 2024 – Legit Or A Scam? Read This!

You might have stumbled upon Reward XP and wondered if you can earn money by doing surveys on this site, or is it just another scam? From the first impression, you know it is a GPT “Get Paid To” platform that rewards its members for completing online jobs.

GPT sites have become another source of income stream for everyone, especially during this period of uncertainty. It is popular because there is zero cost to join, and it does not require any prior working experience or certification. Therefore, it suits someone that has spare time and willing to work for it.

I will not beat around the bush. Yes, Reward XP is a legit and paying GPT site. We have tested and got paid after completing a few surveys. But before you join, read this honest Rewards XP review to understand more about this site.

What is RewardXP?

RewardXP is a GPT platform that allows you to complete online easy tasks to earn their in-house digital currency known as XP. The operator is XP Interactive LLC, based in the United States and has been active since 2019.

How can you earn from RewardXP?

RewardXP online job
RewardsXP provides you with earning opportunities by doing online jobs in their offer wall and survey routers. Once you have logged in, open the “Earn” section to check the available tasks inside each 3rd party platform.

1. Completing Online Survey

Like most GPTs, doing the survey is the foremost earning opportunity and cannot be missed. The 3rd party survey router is as below:

Dynata allows you to earn 7,500 XP (USD 0.75) for every survey you complete, but you are limited to 10 times per day

Yuno Surveys and CPX Research enable you to earn various amounts depending on the length of the survey.

YourSurveys give you a high payout of USD 1 for every survey you complete, but it is only unlocked when you reach 100,000 XP (Bronze Level)

RXP Surveys are only available when you reach 250,000 XP (Silver Level)

2. Offerwalls

RewardXP also has an offer section comprising Adscend Media, AdGem, AdGate Rewards and Offer Toro. They will reward you upon completion of any of the online jobs:

– Mobile game and app trial

– Surveys and take quizzes

– Paid and Free offers

– Shopping

– Downloading apps for iPhone, iPad and Andriod devices

It is essential to follow the instructions closely because you might not get paid if one of your steps is wrong.

3. Watch Video

You can also earn by watching content on these two platforms –, and However, as the earning potential is pretty low, spending much time on them is not advisable.

4. Referral Program

You can earn 5% of your referral earnings when they use your unique affiliate link to sign up. In addition, the person who signed up using your link will also enjoy a generous start-up bonus of 5000 XP (USD 0.50). You can access your referral URL via your profile page.

They also have a levelling system that allows you to unlock more perks and benefits as you progress by completing offers.
rewardxp level

Who can join?

As shown in the help section on their website, RewardXP can support registration from over 85 countries as of the point of writing. However, even if you register an account successfully, it does not guarantee the availability of offers. They are also forbidden to support specific countries because of some legal regulations. This restriction is not uncommon because most paid surveys and GPT sites also have to abide by it.

How and When does I get paid?

RewardXP rewards members with currency points known as XP. 10,000 XP equates to USD 1. You will need to use your Google or Facebook account to log in to get started on this site. There are only these two options at the point of writing.

They offer a broad mixture of payouts methods with different thresholds. They are as below:

1. PayPal Cash – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

2. Bitcoin – 220,000 XP ($20 USD)

3. Amazon Gift Card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

4. VISA Pre-paid card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

5. Mastercard Pre-paid card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

6. Steam – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

7. Riot Point (Riot Points are only valid on the North American server) – 100,000 XP ($10USD)

8. Nitro Classic (1 month) – 50,000 XP

9. Reward Link – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

10. Nintendo eShop – 100,000 XP ($10 USD)

What I love most about the PayPal option most that it does not charge you any fee. You can get the payment into your PayPal account within less than a day within a few hours.

There is no expiry date to the XP that you earned, so you can safely accumulate the points and redeem a higher tier reward. However, XP earned is null and void for accounts that have not been active for a year.

rewardxp rewards

Verdict and Payment Proof


– Low minimum payout threshold of $5 PayPal cash

– A good mix of payout methods like PayPal, Cryptocurrency options – Bitcoin via Coinbase and gift cards

– It is available for almost anyone around the world to join

– Payout transaction is completed within 24 hours, so no more long waiting time
– No fees incurred when cashing out the earnings
– Active owners in their Discord community


– Access to $1 YourSurvey is not available for new member tier

– Lack of login options. It only has Google and Facebook, which some people do not like to use for paid surveys.


In conclusion, I will give a thumbs up and a high rating to RewardXP. It is legit and has paid us within just a few hours of redemption. Moreover, it has many good points, like a user-friendly, simple website user interface for mobile and desktop, fast payout redemption with no fees incurred, competitive rate for completing tasks.

If you like to earn some Cryptocurrencies, it also has this option. The tiered scheme also motivates you to climb the level to get more perks as you progress up the tiers.

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