online paid surveys do's and don'ts

Online Paid Survey Do’s and Don'ts Explained

Regardless if you’re new to taking online paid surveys or already been doing it before, here are some rules and hacks to follow to have an enjoyable time earning money from your home. Here is the list for you to keep for reference.

DO's  of doing Online Paid Surveys

1. DO join many legit and paying online paid survey panels

It's always good to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket because there are more advantages if you joined more than one sites and the most obvious one is you have more chances to make more money online.

2. DO research with your due diligence before you join

Bear in mind to only join those paid survey sites that has proven track records of payment. You can always refer to our top survey sites list under-mentioned (We have personally tested and proven the sites to be legitimate over the past years, so you can safely join them and start earning)

surveytime logo
swagbucks gpt

3. DO complete your profile information once you joined

This is a good practice to fill in your profile information to ensure only surveys that are relevant to you. It can be irritated if you are always being screened out of every survey you do.

4. DO create a separate dedicated email account specifically for your surveys jobs invitation email

It is a good practice to separate your survey related email from your business/personal emails, so that you will not miss any invitation or any important personal stuff if they are mixed together.

5. DO check your email daily and participate the available survey the soonest you can

Every survey invitation will expire after a specified period, so it will be good for you to check and participate in the available survey as soon as possible to reap the rewards.

6. DO refer your friend to join the paid survey panel that you like

If you are already earning from doing survey online, remember to share with your friends and loved ones.

Some survey panel even has the referral programs where you can receive commission when you successfully refer someone to join and use the panel.

One of our best survey panel that offer the refer a friend program is PrizeRebel that allow you to earn up to 30% of what your referral has completed. You can check out our review and payment proof from PrizeRebel here.

DON'Ts  of doing Online Paid Surveys

1. DON'T join program that promise you the sky

There are survey programs out there that promise to pay big bucks for JUST doing a 10 minutes survey, if it sound too good to be true, then it is scam.

2. DON'T keep cash accumulated in the account

Always bear in mind to cash out the survey earnings whenever you reach the minimum payout threshold because in this current market situation, you will never know if a company will shut off anytime and that might prevent you to receive your incentive. 

3. DON'T give false information when taking survey

Don't lie or rush through the surveys because by doing this, it will eventually lead yourself having your account being banned and having your hard earned rewards forfeited, it is not worth it, so DON'T do it.

4. DON'T give up 

If you are looking for ways to earn money online that work for you but do not want to invest any cent, you can consider doing online paid survey as your first step in this journey

You must explore by yourself and discover what works for you well and what doesn’t. The true fact is that you are not going to get rich simply by taking surveys, but you can certainly make some pocket money if you continue to do it for the long term.

That’s all for now, so get started now!

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