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OneDayRewards Review – Legit GPT Site With $0.10 Minimum Payout

If you are searching for ways to make money online with zero money investment, paid survey and Get-Paid-to (GPT) will be at the top of the search result. One Day Rewards is one of such earning opportunities that pay you for time and effort to complete tasks online. These online jobs can be as easy as completing surveys, clicking ads, completing offers, and many more. The key differentiator from other GPT sites is that OneDayRewards have an incredibly low withdrawal payment threshold. It allows you to withdraw money as low as $0.10 USD. But is this really a legitimate GPT site? Read on in this OneDayRewards review to unravel the truth behind this site.

What is OneDayRewards?

OneDayRewards is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that was operated by Kelvin Patton. It was founded in 25 January 2016 and has been paying their members since then. Similar to any GPT or paid surveys sites, you get paid for doing tasks online.

How do you earn from OneDaysRewards?

Similar to most of the GPT sites, there are different methods to earn the points on One Day Rewards.

Paid Surveys

The best and recommended way to earn from this site is completing paid surveys like most of other GPT sites. They have a good amount of surveys opportunities from various third party panels. It might be good to compare with the top paid survey sites that are offering the same survey. You might be surprised that you might get lower earning as compared to other survey panel for doing the same job.

Paid To Click 

One Day Rewards also allow you to earn fractions of a cent by clicking on ads, also known as PTC. It is a simple task because what you need to do is to click the ad and let it run for 10 seconds. It will earn you $0.001 per ad click. I will not recommend using this method here because the number of advertisements is limited. Why not join Neobux, the king of PTC sites if you want to earn bucks clicking on ads instead?
OneDayRewards surveys

Referral Program

If you want to earn passive income, look for programs that offer referral scheme. It allows you to earn referral earning doing nothing. OneDayRewards also have a referral program that enables you to will earn 10% of what your level 1 referrals earn. In addition, you can also earn 5% of what your level 2 referrals earn.

How do i get paid from OneDaysReward?

OneDayRewards reward their members with tokens that can be converted into cash. 1 token is equivalent to $0.01, so if you complete a task that pays 100 tokens, you will earn $1.00. Under the tools tab on the dashboard, you can convert your tokens to cash anytime or choose to accumulate them.

Upon reaching the minimum payout threshold and after converting the tokens, you can withdraw the earning in various methods. Here are the withdrawal methods and their respective minimum payout threshold:

MethodsMinimum Payout
Amazon Gift Card$1
Google Play Gift Card$10
Advcash Wallet$1
Bitcoin (BTC) wallet$5
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet$0.10
Cash App$1
DOGE Wallet$1
Ethereum (ETH) wallet$10
Litecoin (LTC) wallet$2
Perfect Money$1

We have requested for PayPal payout and the processing took less than a day to be completed. It is completely legit, and we got paid ourselves.

Note: The fee for PayPal is very high, so you might want to choose other methods instead.

OneDayRewards payment

Who Can Join?

OneDayRewards accept members worldwide. That means that everyone can earn by spending time and effort on this site, whether it is through completing offers or referring members. However, you still need to abide by the standard rules to avoid getting your account suspended. Do not use VPN and register over 1 accounts.

If you are interested to explore other similar sites that accept worldwide members, you can see our list of paid survey and GPT sites that support member registration around the globe.

Verdict and Payment Proof

PROS – Super low cash out withdrawal threshold of $0.10 USD – It is open for registration to anyone worldwide. – It has a wide range of payout options members can choose from.

CONS – Low earning potential. – High transaction fee for PayPal (In my personal experience, when I withdraw $0.90, the fee is $0.54 and i only got $0.36) In conclusion, is one day rewards a legitimate site that is paying or a scam that waste your time and effort? We have joined, tested and got paid, so it is safe that it is certainly a legit site at the point of writing. However, is it worth your time? It depends on individual’s aim of making money online. If you are looking for a side income that can replace your full-time job, one day rewards, as well as other GPT site is out. However, if you just need a bonus income for supplement , you can consider paid survey and GPT sites. This is because they won’t pay too much.

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