Claimclicks Review

Claimclicks Review 2024 – How to Earn Crypto the Easy Way?

Since 2020, the value of cryptocurrency will continue to rise, at least temporarily. Established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have the potential to surge from $40,000 to $50,000 per coin in a matter of days.

Consequently, even the smallest unit of cryptocurrency, a satoshi, holds the promise of appreciating significantly within a month or more. However, there may come a point where even giving away a single satoshi could be considered too generous.

It is why I've begun exploring crypto faucets that offer tiny amounts of digital coins and GPT sites where you can earn a decent amount. fits into this category.

What is ClaimClicks?

Claimclicks has operated as a classic Faucet since 2020. What does it mean? Let's clarify what “classic” means for those new to crypto faucets. Nowadays, most Faucets provide earning opportunities such as PTC Ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls and more features. In addition, modern faucets typically require users to register an account and accumulate earnings over days or weeks before withdrawing any crypto coins.

However, crypto faucets operated differently in the past, where there was no need for new account registration, and earning Bitcoin was straightforward. You visit the site, enter your FaucetPay address, click claim, and receive your payment instantly to FaucetPay.

However, the owner of Claimclicks remains anonymous, and there is no means of contacting the administrator via email. While this lack of transparency might raise suspicions, it doesn't hold for Claimclicks. Why? Because users instantly receive their funds via FaucetPay. The platform has no chance of scamming users except for just 3 minutes of your time.

Therefore, no risk is involved when using Claimclicks, but set your expectations right because it is just a tiny amount of digital coins.

How can you earn from ClaimClicks?

1. Faucet Claim

As previously mentioned, the process of using Claimclicks is relatively straightforward. Choose the desired faucets, click “Get BTC,” and solve the capthas. You will be paid instantly to your micro wallet, FaucetPay. At the point of writing, you can claim from 13 faucets in ClaimClicks, depending on your preference. These crypto include BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, DASH, DGB, TRX, ZEC, BNB, XRP and MATIC.

However, the drawback is that you'll need to solve two captchas, which can be somewhat bothersome. As a result, a single claim takes approximately 20 seconds. While this duration is short, the effort of solving the annoying captchas can affect the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Unlike other crypto faucets, there are no other ways to claim free crypto except to keep solving the captchas.

ClaimClicks coins

2. Referrals

As previously mentioned, the earnings from or any faucet program are typically modest, often just fractions of a cent, leading some to question its value in terms of time spent. Nevertheless, you can generate passive income by leveraging referral or affiliate commissions. Inviting others to join the program and utilize its services is critical.

In the case of, the platform allows people to earn free cryptocurrencies by claiming from faucets. As the referrer, we earn a 25% commission based on a percentage of the referral's earnings. While this commission may be lower than we could earn individually, it accumulates with each referral and their active platform use. Rest assured, your referral doesn't lose out on any earnings; instead, you receive it as a bonus.

Your commission potential grows with an increasing number of referrals and their ongoing activity. Importantly, you can earn these commissions passively, 24/7, even while sleeping.

Who can join?

If cryptocurrency piques your interest and your country permits its use, you're welcome to join ClaimClicks, provided you have FaucetPay as your micro wallet. Generally, there are no specific eligibility criteria, making it accessible to anyone with FaucetPay.

Whether you're new to cryptocurrency and eager to explore earning opportunities or an experienced user seeking additional avenues without investing a single dime, you can consider using ClaimClicks.

However, it's crucial to manage your expectations and don't quit your job for this online job. While participating in a crypto faucet can be enjoyable and enable you to earn small amounts of digital coins at no cost, it's essential to recognize that it's unlikely to lead to substantial wealth and cannot replace your full-time job.

How and When does I get paid?

As mentioned above, ClaimClicks is a classic crypto faucet that allow you to send the payment direclty to your FaucetPay account. What we love is that the platform does not have any minimum payout threshold. In a nutshell, ClaimClicks pay each time you successfully claim the faucet.

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. No registration is required – you don't need to register for a new account in Claimclicks, which is convenient.

2. Simple and Easy to Use – ClaimClicks is typically user-friendly and straightforward to navigate, making it easy for beginners to start earning cryptocurrency.

3. Free Cryptocurrency: Users can earn free cryptocurrency without having to invest any money upfront, which can be appealing to those looking to enter the crypto space.

4.Low Barrier to Entry: There is no minimum withdrawal amount threshold, allowing users to withdraw their earnings easily and instantly to FaucetPay.


1. Super Low Earning Potential – The amount of cryptocurrency earned through ClaimClicks is typically very insignificant compared to the earnings earned from completing a paid survey.

2. Time-Consuming- Earning cryptocurrency through ClaimClicks can be time-consuming, as users may need to complete two captchas to earn a small amount.

3. Only accept micro wallet – There is no option to withdraw directly to your crypto wallet.

ClaimClicks payment
Overall, while the ClaimClicks faucet can provide a way for users to earn free cryptocurrency but it's vital to weigh the pros and cons and justify if it is worth your time and effort.


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