Top 8 Legit Paid Survey Sites 2020

100% Tested and Proven Paying

To garner the most success and rewards from paid survey sites, the essential aspect is to find the right ones to start with. If you googled for paid survey sites, there are tons of such sites claiming to be legit, so it can be difficult to verify which ones are worth your time to join and earn.

That is the main reason i have compiled this list of Top 5 paid surveys sites 2020 that i have personally tested and proven legit.

If you want to make extra bucks online with paid surveys, it is always best to join several sites to get the most out of them.

Under-mentioned is the Top 5 consolidated paid survey sites list and eligibility to join might differ for some countries, so if you want to see the lists for specific countries, you can check out this list and choose your country.

2020 Top Paid Survey Sites That Are Paying

#01 – PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is so far my top earning paid surveys sites of 2020. This site has been been operating since year 2007 (Wow! A whopping decades which is considered quite impressive for GPT site). Holding this track record, they have definitely make themselves trusted in this industry.

The best thing I love about PrizeRebel is that they are absolutely free to join and a low payout threshold of just $5 USD.

There are many ways to make extra bucks online, for ecample doing paid surveys, completing offers and refer others. If you are looking for passive income, you can start to build your team by referring friends, because you can get 30% of their earnings.

Beside that, one of the most important features is that PrizeRebel still pay you via Paypal payment that is a thumb up.

#02 – Univox Community

Univox is a paid survey site operated by a market research company called Market Cube that was established way back in 2009, but we only uncovered this hidden gem in 2019. There are only 2 methods to earn from Univox that is by completing online surveys and earning from referral's activities. 

Although this site is open to registration for worldwide members but the countries that has the most advantages are India, United States, Germany, Australia and France (based on the statistics of the Hall of Fame). But don't fret, no harm joining to get started.

#03 – OfferNation

Offernation is a GPT (Get Paid To”) site that reward you by doing online paid Surveys and tasks. OfferNation is definitely legitimate, no doubt about it because we have tested and verified ourselves. The best part we love about this site is the low payout threshold of JUST $1 USD which is easily achieved. Beside that, it is open to all worldwide to join them for free.

This is indeed a good paid survey site for anyone that are searching for ways and means to start earning some extra money online.

#04 – LifePoints

LifePoints is the merger of 2 old and established survey panel, namely MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. These 2 paid survey sites used to be one of the oldest platforms for earning money online by doing surveys.

After a major upgrading into a new platform, LifePoints now has a modern, user-friendly outlook. From our observation, it has more survey opportunities as compared as before. In additional, it also reward you a tiny bonus for disqualification, so this is a little plus point. Last and most importantly, it still has the payment option of paypal.

#05 – ySense

Some of you may already be familiar with ySense if you have past experience in making money online. ySense is previously known as ClixSense that was once a popular “get-paid-to” site. In July 2019, it has been acquired and now focusing on paid survey, rather than GPT. 

The best part of the deal is that you can now be paid by Paypal, which is previously being removed. 

This consoliated list of the top 5 paid sites 2020 will sums it up! To reiterate, doing paid online surveys does not equate to be a substitute for a full time job. But on the side, you would benefit significantly from being just making an extra $5 every day. 

Other than this list, you might be also interested to check out our complete list of legit paying paid survey site too to earn more.

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