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PrizeRebel Hacks – How to Earn Money Online?

If you are searching or googling for PrizeRebel hack, you have come to the RIGHT site because we have tested, verified and used PrizeRebel with the real payout into our paypal account. You can check out our payment proof in our PrizeRebel review.

Before we go into the PrizeRebel hacks on how you can make money online with this legit site, let's recap a bit on the background.

About PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a GPT (Get to Paid) site, meaning that you can get paid (paypal cash, gift certifcate) by doing surveys online and also other methods to earn rewards for small tasks done. The reason for recommending PrizeRebel is because it has already passed the trial of time where it has been online and paying to members since 2007 (Wow, a solid 12 years). This is definitely a feat for an online earning site, because they come and go too fast.

Who Can Join PrizeRebel?

Another wonderful thing about this site is that it is open to international users, however surveys and offers are mostly open to residents in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. But nevertheless, we are not based in these 4 countries, but still able to earn from PrizeRebel and has achieved the highest rank of Diamond. So if we can do it, you can too..

PrizeRebel Hacks and Tricks

1. Make it a routine to log in everyday during your free time to do surveys and tasks to earn points. Beside this, it also offer a challenge where you can earn bonus points if you completed certain achievement on that day.

2. Install the Prizerebel Chrome Extension or Firefox Addon – You can keep yourself up to date on new surveys and your points from with notification on your browser so that you will not miss any opportunities to earn points.

3. PrizeRebel Promo Codes – You can earn extra free points by using promo codes by using the chrome extension or firefox addon.

4. Refer members to join PrizeRebel – I will strongly recommend this revenue sharing method if you want to build a long term recurring income.

How does it work?

Revenue sharing is simple and straightforward: you refer a friend, and from there you will earn a percentage of everything they earn on PrizeRebel.

The referral percentage start at 15% and increase when you rank yourself up and the maximum you can earn is 30% if you reached Diamond. Refer to the chart below for more information

The best thing is that the percentage you earn from the PrizeRebel referral program does not come out of your friends earnings – they will still make 100% of what they earn, this is just an added benefit for you.

Survey sites with referral programs often cap your earnings, but PrizeRebel does not. This makes the PrizeRebel referral program the best referral program to make money.

Hope these PrizeRebel hacks benefit you and happy earning! Join now and start marking money online!

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