Clixsense Review 2019

Is it Legit or Scam?

Clixsense 2019 Review: A Former PTC Turning into a Legit GPT Site? popped up as a PTC (Paid To Click) website 12 years back in 2007. During this period, i have been clicking ads to earn from this site but it is hard to earn then with just $0.01 per ads click (You must join the membership too), so decided to quit, but i can't say it is a SCAM, because i still got paid by them.

Things started to change on 17 July 2017 when they restructured their business model to a GPT (Get Paid To) website. The members are able to make money through taking paid survey online, completing tasks and taking offer, similiar to our top recommended GPT site, PrizeRebel.

The reason of re-joining Clixsense is also due to this new business model. We have been doing surveys for a few days and managed to request for payout, therefore we decided to come out with this Clixsense Review 2019 to verify that they are really paying, but one major downside is the removal of Paypal withdrawal option.

Our first payment from Clixsense via payment processor

How Do I Earn From Clixsense?

After you have registered and created a free Clixsense account, you can get started in making money online in these various ways.

1. Participate in Surveys Opportunies – This option is our main income generating method because of our geographic location. The availability of the online surveys and incentive per survey is highly dependent on location and your personal demographics. PrizeRebel is another great option choice for this.

2. Complete offers – Under the offer section, there are offers from Clixsense's sponsors and advertisers that range from simply creating a free account on a certain website to online shopping where you are expected to purchase something from an online store. Each individual offer has its cash incentive and of course it pay more depending on your effort and time.

3. ClixSense Daily Bonus – On a daily basis, Clixsense has a daily bonus program where an offer or a task will appear and if you can complete them, the rewards will be higher than the normal one. This bonus has expiration period at certain point of the day.

4. Referral Program – Similiarly to most of the GPT program, it does has a referral scheme where you can earn up to 30% of their earning.

How Does Clixsense Pay the Members?

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Clixsense Review – Pros and Cons


1. It is FREE to join and start to earn.

2.You can join Clixsense in almost all countries in the world, but before that, you should check and ensure that the payment options are available in your country.


1. No Paypal withdrawal option – This is the major downside for Clixsense because PayPal is the most easiest online payment method, making it less convenient for you to withdraw the funds.

2. Hard to Qualify for Survey – There is a high rate of disqualification but this is just a part and parcel for doing online paid survey, because it is based on your demographic and geographic location.

3. No mobile app – This limit you from doing survey on the move.

Thanks for reading our simple and short Clixsense Review 2019. Let's get start and earn money online for FREE by joining Clixsense.

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