Are Free Paid Online Surveys Legitimate and Safe?

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Scam Sites

Before you explore in earning money online with paid survey, you might be searching on the internet to check if they are legitimate or scam and really paying the participant. If you are doing so, you have come to the right place. We have a list of legit paid online survey panel(we have personally tested and proven paying – you might want to check out the payment proof in each survey review) that you can consider joining to make some bucks but always bear in mind that this is NOT a get rich scheme, so you cannot expect to quit your job and do it full time.

If you are aware of the above expectation, you might want to continue reading on.

Yes, in any programs that involved in earning money online,
You should be aware of the dangers that are associated with paid online surveys, not only for the member participants that are taking the survey, but also for the companies that manage the administration.

What are the risks for companies?

Companies are giving out rewards and incentives (some even give out paypal cash or even cheques) to participants, but if the survey takers does not make a honest opinion or even cheat (for example, giving false demographic profile for more survey qualification, creating multiple accounts under different emails to do more surveys, rushing through the questions just to complete the survey in the shortest time), participant will make more money and company end out with useless market research data.

How to manage the risk for survey taker?

As a participants, you might want to take note of the under mentioned point in order to avoid being scammed.

1. Internet scam artist like to use unscrupulous method of marketing to trick people to pay a registration fee to gain access to a proprietary list of Paying survey companies, which in fact can be easily search using any search engine like google.

2. Avoid joining in program that has exaggerated self proclaimed statement

Take extra caution in program that promise you “make $3000 a month by working from home”. This is a marketing gimmick that play with human physiology and greed to make you sign up.

3. Do not put your email address at risk

Another risk that you need to take note is that a paid survey online might sell your contact information to other parties that might spam your email, so it will be good to register a separate email address for the purpose of receiving survey invitation. (Update: Some survey sites only allow you to cashout via paypal using the same email you have registered, so check out the site first)

4. Never sign up with any website that make you pay

Most of the online paid survey panels are free to join (at least all the online survey panels that we have tested is free), so why pay?

5. Time versus Effort

You might think that doing online survey is simply wasting of time. But if you think again, the time you spend in surfing the web, social media platform has no incentive return as compared to doing online survey that rewards you for your effort.

If you are interested in participating, you might like to take a look at our review and payment proof for each survey sites listed in the website before joining.

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