The Panel Station Review – Is it A Legit Paid Survey That Pay?

Unlike other review sites, i have personally joined and get paid in this site myself (Of course i have included a payment proof, as usual). In this the Panel Station review, I would  give you an unbiased and honest view. Is it a scam? Is it worth while to join?

Let’s check it out together!

About The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a paid survey site that is operated by Borderless Access since 2008, a market research solutions provider with over 3 million panelists in multiple countries.

Similiarly to other paid survey sites, the panel station incentize you when you spent time doing online surveys. Beside doing the surveys on your laptop or desktop computer, you can also download their mobile app and take part in survey on the move.

Upon completion of a survey, The Panel Station will reward you with points that is equivalent to cash.

Who can Join?

It is absolutely FREE to join this site but the number of surveys depends on the country you are in.

Under-mentioned is a list of countries where The Panel Station is available:

What are the Payout Options?

You will get rewarded with points worth different amounts each time you complete a survey.

How does the point system work?

– 100 points are equivalent to $0.21.

The minimum payout threshold is 3000 points that is equivalent to $6.30 which you can redeem via Paypal. From our personal experience, it take around 1-2 weeks for the money to be credited into your PayPal account.

In additional, the Panel Station holds a monthly prize draw. You can get yourself a ticket by exchanging 300-500 points or participate in special surveys for sweepstakes entries. Who knows? You could be the lucky winner of cash or awesome gift vouchers.

Our Verdict and Payment Proof


1. Signup Bonus

Don't forget to enter our referral code 2A5271 to earn 500 joining bonus points

2. Free to Join

Of course it is free to join and paypal is one of the preferred payment processor too.

3. Points for Disqualification

You can earn 20 points even if you disqualify from the survey.

If you preferred to earn by percentage of what your referral do, you can consider joining PrizeRebel and OfferNation which is available for worldwide members.

4. Mobile App Available

You can participate in online surveys on the move with the App that bring convenience.


1. High Survey Disqualification Rate

The rate of the survey disqualification is pretty high that might cause the members to be frustrated over time, so they give a small bonus for being disqualified. This might be the only thing that i don't like about this site.

2. Long Payout Period

Similiar to those paid surveys that pay via paypal, the panel station also pay via this option, but the waiting time is not instant and might take a few weeks.

Number of times we are being PAID

Amount Paid Out (USD$)


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