Serpclix Review 2020

Can You Really Make Money by Just Viewing Websites?

Beside making money online from doing paid surveys, our radar is always searching around to pick up other legit ways to make extra bucks. We have chanced upon this unique website called – SerpClix that pay you to view other people websites.

You might be thinking right now, “isn’t it a Paid to Click(PTC) site?”. Yes, you are right but the only main difference is the payout per view is $0.05 – 0.10, as compared to the miserable amount of the regular PTC sites (typically $0.001 per view).

Sound interesting? Read on for our SerpClix full review.

What is SerpClix?

SerpClix is a site specially built for website and blog owners that help to boost your organic SERP CTR rating. For those who just want to earn money from the site, you can simply register and join as a clicker. A clicker is a registered individual who will click on the links displayed in the Firefox browser and view the respective advertised website.

How do i join and earn?

Step 1: Visit the SerpClix official website and click on the “Become A Clicker” button.

Step 2:  Next, fill in all the required information in the registration form. Remmeber to key in your valid PayPal account and submit the form to join the site.

A few important pointers to take note if you really want to earn from this site.

1. This site requires real people to join the site who has a real IP address.

2. Upon joining the site, a detection software will read your IP address and identify your location. They can also identify if you are using a Proxy or VPN, so avoid at all cost from doing it because you might risk getting your account suspended.

3. In order to have the best earning experience from this site, always use a home computer with internet connection to earn. Due to the limitation that you can ONLY use Firefox browser to work on it, you cannot do it on the go with your smartphone to a tablet.

How and When does I get paid?

Your earning is highly dependable on the country you are in and also the number of orders the company has. The amount of money you received for clicking a website is determined by your location and here is the pay per click rate.

United States – $0.10 per click
United Kingdom – $0.07 per click
Canada – $0.07 per click
Germany – $0.07 per click
Australia – $0.07 per click
Any Other Countries – $0.05 per click

After you have completed the task of visiting the website, you can navigate to the Payment page to view your earning.

There is a minimum payout threshold of $5 for you to reach before you will get paid. At the beginning of each month, the payment that you have earned the previous month will automatically be credited into your paypal account.

Verdict and Payment Proof


1. It is completely free to register and earn from this site.

2. There is no specific skillset required, you just need an internet connection to browse the websites.

3. We have tested and verified that SerpClix is confirmed legit and paying to their members. You can check out our payment proof below.


1. There is a long waiting time of a month  for the payout to be processed and completed, provided you have reached the minimum threshold.

In a nutshell, SerpClix is 100% legit and working. As a clicker, you can earn up to 0.10$ per visit, so it is really a good way to earn some extra bucks online by just browsing websites. After reading this SerpClix review, stop procrastinating and join now to earn.

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