6 Proven Paid Surveys That Paid Through Paypal

100% Tested and Proven Legit

If you are looking for ways to earn from doing paid surveys online, you are usually being rewarded in the various payment methods. They are as below:

1. Cash via various payment processors like Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer.

2. Gift cards

3. Shopping Vouchers by local merchants

From the above payment methods, i believe most of us, including myself prefer to get paid by paypal cash as the incentive for the hard work. However, not all sites offer the paypal payment option, so in this post, we will share with you those Paid Surveys site that pay through Paypal.

Why You Should Use Paypal?

Before going to the list of paid surveys sites that reward you via Paypal, here are the reasons why it is so popular.

1. Paypal has been proven a very reliable payment processor and has been operating since 1999. It is also very secure and is free to use in many countries, except the prohibited ones like Belarus Burma (Myanmar), Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq
Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor), Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Western Balkans and Zimbabwe

2. Paypal has been strict when it comes to the organizations they are working with, especially those business that are dealing with online payments. One of the most affected sites are those Paid to Click (PTC) sites, for example, the most popular neobux and others that have their paypal removed in the recent years due to too many scammy sites around.

3. Most importantly, it is free to join, but take note that there might be transaction fee deducted for each withdrawal, depending on the paid survey sites. One of the best sites that pay you in full is PrizeRebel

4. There is a wide range of methods you can spend the paypal money you have earned through paid survey. You can use the money to shop online, pay for any subscription that allow paypal. If you do not want to spend it, you can request to transferred back to your local bank. Note: There might be some charges incurred if you did not meet their minimum withdrawal threshold.

Updated List of Paid Surveys That Pay Through Paypal in 2019

Paid Survey SitesAvailable inPayment ThresholdReviews and Payment Proof
PrizeRebelWorldwide$5 USDRead PrizeRebel review
OffernationWorldwide$1 USDRead Offernation review
LifePointsSelected Countries - Choose Your Country600 LifePoints, Equivalent to $5 SGDRead LifePoints review
OpinionWorldWorldwide$15 SGDRead OpinionWorld review
Univox CommunityWorldwide$$10 - 25 USD (Depends on tier)Read Univox review
YougovSelected Countries - Choose Your Country$25 SGDRead Yougov review
FeaturePointsWorldwide3000 Points ~ $5 USDRead Featurepoints review
MobrogSelected Countries - Choose Your Country$6.25 USDRead Mobrog review
iPanelonlineWorldwide$15 SGDRead iPanelonline review
Toluna InfluencersSelected Countries - Choose Your Country$20 SGDRead Toluna review

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